Sunday, July 1, 2007

Spot the Difference

Apologies for the shockingly unsophisticated use of images below. I will try and find someone to help me fix it...

Here is the Reasons to Believe 2003 archives page, as printed on 19th April 2004, kept in a folder for a few years, and scanned in this afternoon:

And here is a screenshot of the same page, taken today:

It's gone! They removed my paper from their site. It's still visible in the webcast archives (#7), but it's gone from their main page.

Thank you, Reasons to Believe, for updating your website after I pointed out that the paper you had cited as evidence for creationism actually supports evolution.

Thank you, everyone who helped drive more than 3000 people to my original blog post last Friday, by linking to my blog or submitting it to reddit (made the top 30!). No doubt this helped get RTB's attention, and brought this blog up to result #14 (at the time of writing) when you google Reasons to Believe.

Now that we know RTB will respond to this kind of pressure, the onus is on anyone else who has had a paper erroneously cited on their website. I'll do everything I can to spread the word and any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Contact me via this blog...


  1. SWEET!

    Thanks for speaking up, and doing something about this problem!

  2. Yep, pretty sweet!

    I honestly never thought they'd actually take it down. I just wanted to make a stink about it and try to draw some people googling for RTB to my original post. This is a huge bonus!

  3. Great work CAD! Congrats. Now the rest of us have to get motivated and get something done about this.

  4. I wonder if we could submit your site to that would drive even more traffic to your site, and I wouldn't be surprised if more than a few scientists then looked up their papers...

  5. Be my guest! I'm not a member, and I'm trying to keep my online registrations to a minimum, but if anyone would like to submit this post to Digg, please go ahead! The original post made it to and brought in literally hundreds of people.


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