Friday, February 20, 2009

Things you should take with you when you go swimming

  • Swimming costume (British vocabulary for Kyrsten's benefit)
  • Towel
  • Plastic bag to put wet stuff in
  • Hair tie and/or swimming cap
  • Contact lens case & solution and/or goggles
  • Change for the locker
Of the above eight items, I managed to remember three last night. And one of those was by accident.

Oh well, it's a start...


  1. I hope one of the three was the swimming costume :D

  2. I hope your towel was one, naturally. Otherwise I could no longer think of you as a frood.

  3. I always know where my towel is. Yesterday, it was with me at the pool.

  4. In all my days as a swimmer I must have forgotten all these items, except for the bathing suit (in english class back at highschool I was forced to repeat "bathing suit" until I got the pronunciation right, which took about the whole week).
    yes, also the towel, which I noticed only after swimming.

  5. Don't forget flip flops :). I hate the floors in public pools...never touch the ground with my bare feet. Ick.

    Was the swim fun, though?

  6. So, swimsuit, towel, and... locker change? I hate just having to leave my stuff around.

  7. Nina, but never so many of them all at once, right?

    Mermaid, it actually doesn't bother me all that much, is that gross?! It was fun, although like I said, swimming with my contacts in and no goggles necessitated the Old Lady "I-don't-want-to-get-my-hair-wet" breaststroke.

    SilverFox, I had no change, but the front desk were kind enough to provide some. I randomly had a hair tie in the bottom of one of my panniers - it's been about a year since my hair was long enough to tie back (it's only just barely that long now) so I was surprised but glad to see it!

  8. I am pretty much phobic about the floors in public pools. I don't know why, but something about having other people's hair tangled in my own toes makes me feel ill. And, of course, I spend enough time in public pools to see some pretty disgusting stuff. I won't get graphic, but given that there is a sign in the showers at Kits pool that says "Do not spit, shave or brush teeth in showers" ........ seriously, they need a sign to suggest these aren't appropriate in a public shower?

  9. ick. but swimming cap? just as weird as the swimming costume. I'm surprised that we don't find you at Brighton or something. Maybe you landed in the wrong century by accident?

  10. I second that ick...

    IS, yeah, but you have short hair! Mine is OK when it's long enough to tie back, but otherwise it's at least long enough to flop in my eyes and annoy me if not crammed into a cap. Lots of people were wearing caps last night!

  11. Caps are pretty much a must for most people. One reason is that it keeps the hair from tangling in the goggles (if you wear goggles). Also, you can wet your hair down with diluted conditioner before putting your cap on, and then the chlorine won't damage your hair so much (please don't do this if you aren't wearing cap!).

  12. Ooh! Diluted conditioner! (takes notes).

  13. Diluted conditioner under the cap does not work for me - the caps falls as the hair is too slippery... My problem is that I have too much hair (it is long) and the caps are too tight, or cannot cover the whole scalp... silly problems, I know!

  14. DrL, welcome! I will have to try it and see how it works for my hair.

  15. Swimming Stuff List

    1) Bag To Carry All My Items
    2) Bathing Suit / Swimming Clothes
    3) Shampoo / Conditioner
    4) Towel
    5) Good Hair Brush / Comb
    6) Bring Deodorant
    7) Lotion
    8) Goggles

    ---> these are the things i would bring and i have this list printed out!

    ---> Wanna See Some Thing Cool?! LOOK ---> ╔═══╗
    ║███ ♫
    ║ (●) ♫ ♫
    ╚═══╝. . . ♫ ♫ Music


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