Friday, August 3, 2007

Bits and Bobs...

...a suitably lazy Friday post.

ERV and Colbert take down Michael Behe.

Our chief weapon is reason, reason and mockery.
Our two chief weapons are reason, mockery, and empirical evidence.
Amongst our weaponry are such things as...

2) Another
reason why orangutans are the world's coolest animal.

I have very mixed feelings about zoos, especially the ones that keep great apes. But I just love to see these fantastic animals up close. I'll have to make sure I get to their natural habitat before they're all gone.

3) A
long weekend! The first one I haven't worked since Thanksgiving! (That's October in Canada).

Time to go to the pub.

Update: here's the original Orangutan paper in Current Biology.


  1. I miss Stephen Colbert so much!

    More4 has 'The Daily Show', but I doubt any UK channel will ever get 'The Colbert Report'.

  2. Blake - you are very welcome! I do like your blog, even if it is often over my head.

    Gregonomic - but you get to watch the BBC whenever you want! It's not a bad trade-off.

    Didn't you go to see Colbert live once?


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