Friday, December 14, 2007

Bloody hell

This might make me think twice before getting into any more arguments with creationists.

I did once have an argument with a cancer research conspiracy theorist that almost became physical. He was verbally abusing me and someone alerted my hubby to the situation. When he came over to suss it out, the crazy guy started to poke him in the chest, which did not go down well at all. The idiot was thrown out by the party host never to return, and got his revenge by stealing the host's BBQ from the communal storage area.

I like a nice debate, but I'm a big wuss and I hope I never have to defend my ideas physically!


  1. yikes! I'm with you on this one... Why can't these kooks just agree to disagree or at least to just give us the cold shoulder or something?

  2. I know! I have no problem with people disagreeing with me (although I will try to change their mind if they're really really badly wrong), but there's no excuse for physical violence! Just walk away...

  3. I'm guessing he was intoxicated, either that or just a crazy asshole. Scary.

  4. I guess I've always thought that if those kinds of people could understand logic and were receptive to reasoning, they would've already changed their minds. Since they haven't, well, no point in having a discussion with someone whose only argument is, "I'm right because I believe I am."

  5. Yep, scary stuff! Luckily, all but one of my discussions with creationists have been electronic, and the one in-person discussion was with someone's mum and unlikely to become violent!

    Mad Hatter, that's true of people of a certain age, but some younger people may not have been exposed to alternative arguments much.

    The cancer research conspiracy theorist completely threw me for a loop, he just asked what I did for a living and launched a vicious tirade at me almost immediately!


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