Monday, March 17, 2008

Sugar high

The PI of one of my recent grant submissions just brought me some thankyou presents from Paris.
  • A L'Occitane scented candle
  • Some all-natural, no-fat, fruit juice gummi bears
  • Some Lindt chocolate carrots
Sweet! I've always responded better to the carrot than to the stick.

His was my favourite grant to work on. No, really. It was. Even before the bribes.


  1. Hey, how come I didn't get any gifts for my grant-writing efforts? [grumble, grumble]

  2. You gotta pick the right PIs!

    You got the satisfaction of a job well done though, right? Yum!

  3. It was especially welcome yesterday when it was raining and freezing out and I didn't have a proper coat with me, just a mud-spattered cycling jacket with no insulating properties at all. So having chocolate delivered to my desk was really, really nice.


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