Sunday, May 11, 2008

All Skyped up

About time, eh?

There was some discussion about webcams, which caused a bit of a delay while we debated whether seeing kittens outweighs having to sort out hair and tidy computer room before calling. We decided to just get microphones for now and see how it goes.

Drop me an email if you want to know my user name!


  1. Drop me an email if you want to know my user name!

    You can make yourself visible and allow anyone to look you up in the Skype directory, while still retaining control over who can contact you. You do that by setting it up so that the only ones who can call you o invite you for a chat are those whom you have explicitly allowed ("privacy" settings).
    The way it works is, the first time someone wants to chat or talk to you, a window pops up on your screen in which the person can write some text and introduce herself. At that point you may choose either to let them do so or not (you can always remove anyone later on, if needed).
    That's how I have set it up.

    Happy Skyping !

  2. EGM just downloaded it so he can talk to friends in Far Off Land. He's so excited.

  3. Thanks Okham, I have a lot to learn about this system!

    EGF, let me know if you pick up any helpful hints!

  4. CAE, let me know how this works out for you. I am currently spending a small fortune on calling cards so that I can talk to my SO in India so it would be cool to ... not spend that money. :)

  5. Will do! My sister hasn't signed up yet but we'll hopefully get it working by this weekend.


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