Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Catching up

How is it possible to get so many emails in so few days?

Ah well, until I get home, organise all the camping gear, find my camera, recharge its batteries and upload some kayaking photos, here's a gem from the PA system on yesterday's second ferry ride:

"Attention all passengers, we have a lost child in the Chief Steward's office. We are looking for a woman who goes by the name of, erm, Mummy. I repeat, will Mummy please come to the Chief Steward's office".


  1. Oh, my, that's good!(Hope "Mummy" was found quickly!)

  2. I assume so, since there was no second call!

    We take this particular ferry a lot, and there's a lost child call about one time in four. There is never, ever a second call! It's not that big of a boat...

  3. I expect "Mummy" had figured out her child was missing! That's pretty funny, though. :-)

  4. Yes, I'm sure she was already frantically running around!


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