Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Come and work with me!

Not really - for a start I don't work at UBC, although I do occasionally get involved in collaborative grants with UBC researchers. And as usual in this field, the job description has some overlap with mine, but is essentially unique. I've now met several people who do a similar job to mine, and not one of them has the same title or job description as me, or as each other!

Anyway, check it out if you fancy working as a grants developer in Vancouver! I will even take you for lunch if you get the job - always networking, me.

The Olympics pool results thread will be up by tomorrow evening - promise!

p.s. Propter Doc is back!


  1. Boo that I don't live in Vancouver! Actually, I don't think I'm qualified anyway (6 years proven grant management experience?!)

    Glad to hear that Propter Doc is back! I shall have to take a look now...

  2. Yeah that's a lot they're asking for. Have you heard back from your interview yet?

  3. I'm one of two final candidates left, and they're supposed to let us know in about two weeks!

  4. Exciting! Fingers crossed for you...

  5. yeee... moving to Vancouver would be fun. but I'm going with The bean-mom... not adequate for me. Haven't got 6 yrs successful grant writing.

    anyway, it seemed like an interesting posaition if nothing else. And UBC is lovely. ahh.. i'll dream away for awhile instead of working me thinks ;)

  6. Everyone totally needs to move here.

    There's also this job. Oh, no, wait:

    1) Able to work in remote and challending field conditions frequented by bears and other wildlife"

    Yeah, not so much.


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