Wednesday, August 6, 2008

w00t! Part 2

Remember my stressful February, in which I worked on five grants that were submitted to the same competition - writing large parts of two of them - and helped with another three grants for a second competition that closed a couple of days later?

Well, all five in the first category got at least partial funding! I am now six for six when working on grant submissions from my department. Two out of the other three were also funded, but since "my" PIs were relatively minor co-applicants/collaborators, I didn't do much other than provide CVs and proof reading services.

A very welcome boost to my ego as we approach the next set of multiple submissions to two separate and very important competitions...


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  2. That's amazing! I'm in awe of your awesomeness. :)

  3. Thanks all! It helps that the projects were all really solid - makes my job that much easier!

  4. You are most certainly awesome. W00t indeed!

  5. w00t! That is awesome!!! Sounds like you have a pretty damn good argument for them renewing funding for your position, eh? :-)

  6. Thanks both! Yes, this is a good argument in my favour! If I can do well in next year's equivalent competition then the results will come through a couple of months before my contract is up.

    I am keeping a scorecard of all grants, my contributions to them, and the outcome, in an Excel file that I guard with my life! Gotta look out for myself!


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