Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Well done, beautiful boy

This is Alexandre Despatie. Isn't he beautiful?

He also just won a silver medal for Canada in the 3 metre springboard. Go Alex!

I developed a sudden interest in diving when I saw Despatie, aged just 19, at the Athens games. I was glued to my TV and arrived late to the lab. I apologised to my 22 year-old summer student, who was waiting for me to show her how to split cells (LOOK! SCIENCE BLOGGING!!!! I can still do it) and explained about this wonderful Olympic spectacle.

She was outraged.

"Cath! That's disgusting! You're 27! He's too young even for ME!"

About half an hour later, our late 40s female PI showed up.

"Ohmygod did you see that gorgeous Canadian diver??!! That's why I'm late, I couldn't stop watching."

And then my student's head exploded.

I am not ashamed to be a pervert in this particular case. Call me a cougar, I don't care.

Well done also to Simon Whitfield, who finished second in the triathlon. What an exciting finish! I was hollering at the TV.

Meanwhile team GB continues to kick ass. Looking over our shoulders at the Aussies, but in a good position to win that per capita medals count.

Rule Britannia...


  1. The triathlon was amazing. I am so proud of Simon for fighting back! It must have been all the yelling in our country that gave him the extra boost.

    I'm very proud of how the Canadians, in general, have been handling themselves. Despite a lot of bad press here at home, they seem to be getting on with their events and doing an amazing job rather than getting upset by the pressure.

    Of course, the Aussies are second in my heart - c'mon guys, you can take those Brits!

  2. The press attitude is terrible. It's like how everyone jumps on and off the Canucks bandwagon based on two good or bad results in a row. I heard that Canada always does better in the second half of the games, but there was all that panic and doom and gloom. Although it was tough to see all those new Canadian records resulting in a 4th place finish...

    Australia is also very well placed, especially since their population is roughly one third of GB's. It's going to be interesting!

  3. Who cares what age he is??

    Is he on youtube?

    And by the way: tag!

  4. Oooh, thank you! I'll get to that soon I promise.

    And I'm sure you can find lots of Youtube diving clips. Mmmmmmmm. As long as he's legal, right?!

  5. the triathlon was amazing! Mr.SM and I both wanted to jump up and were wanting to yell at him go faster. It's quite an experience to be so excited and wanting to burst with joy but not being able to b/c there is a monkey asleep on you. Hmm is all I have to say about Alex. I was one of those that got into diving watching him.

  6. Wow, was everyone in Canada watching the Olympics?!

    I've scared my cats a few times by yelling at the TV during hockey and football games. They weren't in the room with us last night though. I also woke up my (non-football watching) room mates during the last couple of world cups too - stupid time differences that necessitate watching important games at 3 am. A wee monkey boy would definitely make things harder!

    Oh, and yeah. Hmmmmmmmmm. Alex.

  7. oops I meant was everyone watching the triathlon. You knew what I meant, right?

  8. honey why are up at 3am?? CBC had the triathlon on at 8pm PST yesterday. Since the monkey is born, nothing other than him will get me up at 3am

  9. Dr A - thank you! Very kind. I really need to get on this tag - hopefully by the end of the week if things calm down.

    SM, don't worry, I wasn't up at 3am watching the triathlon, I watched it live at the same time as you. I'm not that crazy any more! The 3 am comment referred to the football world cup - sorry that wasn't clear. I will still get up at any time of the night to watch an important football or rugby game.

  10. People are now finding their way to my blog using search terms such as "beautiful boys blog" and "Alexandre Despatie naked". Awesome.

  11. Ha-ha :) You asked for it :) But I'd have to admit I totally agree with you :)

  12. It makes a change from "I have a hairy back", variants of which are my most popular search term.


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