Monday, September 15, 2008

Apparently my country needs me

I may need to head home to sort out these British creationists.

Some of the comments on that article are really something:
"I'd rather be the product of a creationary God than an evolutionary accident, and so embrace Christianity. I am so pleased I did, life has become so much less gloomy".
or how about:
"I find creationism more plausible, easier to understand, and leaving oneself quite satisfied".
This one was awesome though:
"Since when did wishful thinking have anything to do with scientific reality? People can be dissatisfied with evolution all they want. So what? I'm dissatisfied that there is no Santa Claus but that's no reason for me to start believing in him in the face of incontrovertible evidence to the contrary".
Too right, Steve Finney from Manchester.

So you find evolution more difficult to understand than some ancient myth? Or you'd like to believe yourself to be the special, favourite design of a sentient creator rather than the result of an unguided natural process? That DOES NOT make Creationism true!

I forget where I read it (probably Pharyngula), but I love the following quote:
"You're entitled to your own opinion. But not your own facts".


  1. It is frustrating to see how many of those comments have to do with 'believing' in evolution...


  2. "Believing in evolution." Now that's an oxymoron. You go get them, Cath!

  3. I'd rather be the product of a creationary God than an evolutionary accident...

    Those statements frustrate me. It doesn't matter if you'd prefer it, it doesn't make it true. I'd prefer our environment to be in better shape, but preferring it doesn't make it true. (Not the best analogy, but I've yet to finish my coffee).

  4. Entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts--I love that quote!

    *Sigh*. Here in America, it seems we may soon have one very high-profile creationist in our White House...

  5. Albatross and ScienceGirl: I know, it's just a complete failure to understand really... so much more work to be done in communicating these concepts!

    Amanda, me too... the environment is a good analogy (maybe that's what climate change deniers are thinking!), but I really liked the Santa one too! Wouldn't it be awesome if there was a guy who gave you free stuff every Christmas? Maybe if I believe hard enough it'll come true!

    Bean-Mom, isn't it great?! Google did not reveal the original source though. And I am still holding out hope for your Whitehouse. Although I suspect that its current incumbent may also be a closet Creationist - anything else would surprise me to be honest!

  6. hm, I am yet to see this happening in Sweden ["the most secularised country in the worldTM"**]... but sure enough, once you forget the idea of science and move in a call it "believing" and other strange words.

    Regarding my present place in the South of US - or wait, let's not. I get so tired and sad when I think about those discussions about the world being 4000 yrs old and man and dinosaurs lived together .
    **it's believed that that is true. sure, it might be. Although we have a core group of Christians who make republicans from Alaska seem liberal...

  7. Creationists are everywhere, unfortunately. Complacency is a very dangerous thing - this is not just an American problem.


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