Thursday, October 9, 2008

hockey hockey HOCKEY!

Season opener tonight!

I was planning to write a nice long, thoughtful post about how this life-long football and rugby fan got into hockey after arriving in Vancouver. I was going to tie my experiences in to musings on the very essence and nature of sport, and contrast the national characters of my two favourite countries.

But my looming grant deadlines prevent me from writing anything more profound than the following:


One hour to go... still at work but heading straight to my friend's house some time in the next half hour.


  1. Yeah, I was going to write a long post myself about Wayne Gretzky... eh, you probably have never hear of him before... (I have decided to be as patronizing as McCain -- if he gets away with it, why not me ?)


  2. Okham I must respectfully ask you to go move to Edmonton.

  3. scientistmother -- again ? I thought I'd done that a while ago :-)

  4. Wayne who?

    If you want to be as patronising as McCain you have to call everyone "my friends".

    Oh, and Vancouver 6 Calgary 0! w00t w00t! What a great start to the season. And I thought they did an amazing job with the tribute to Luc Bourdon, it was very touching. Not a dry eye to be seen at my friend's house last night.

  5. Oh, yeah, I was so sad about those poor Flames... hehehehehe.... LOL

  6. My friends, I am relieved to hear you love all things hockey!

  7. I'm stunned but happy.

    Accendentially realised Red Wings played the Leafs yesterday... and since I now have "nhl channel" I could WATCH it :D (until I had to dash to work but anyway).

    They won!! Leafs beat the Swedish miracle. And I am left with a "hahahaha". Never mind that I got on the band wagon with the red wings last year....

    and then I saw Canucks :D

    My friends, I can only say how proud I am to be part of this. It is crucial that we watch more hockey if we are to be called patriotic.

    (yes, trying to spin a bit)

    sundin, who needs you now?! (bitter teenage remark)

  8. Okham - I thought you were in Vancouver. Oops.

    Chall - I have read your blog and comments you have left various places. I was hoping we could be friends, but your support of the leafs prevents that from happening. I may have overlooked that, but then you had to go put down my wings.

  9. Oh Cath you are seriously not saying Wayne Who!!!

  10. Oh Cath you are seriously not saying Wayne Who!!!

    Nah... she knows who he is... now she's gonna go "Oh, yeah... THAT ONE..." :-)

  11. My friends, it seems that everyone is happy! I am glad.

    Oh, and don't worry everyone, I know who Wayne Gretzky is! I knew that even before I moved to Canada.

  12. Scientistmother> oh noo... now you got it all wrong.
    Look >>>>

    The Leafs is a teenage crush, since I was young = loved the Maple leafs (home of Börje Salming and "he who crushed my heart").

    Then I moved to Vancouver and took the Canucks to my heart - they were in the western conference so that worked fine.

    all this time I have glanced at the Wings.... Salming moved there as a last resort so why wouldn't I?!?! And as Cath and I talked about this spring (was it that long ago?) - they are "the Swede team" so it makes perfect sense.

    I am still ashamed a bit, and very confused... the Canadian in me says it's ok since Detroit is still on the border almost...

    so, what say you now? Can we be friends??? ;)

  13. Chall - you are allowed to love Detroit. I have been loving them since Brendon Shannon and probably always will now. I will also forgive you the leafs crush since BiL#2 loves them for some odd reason


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