Tuesday, October 28, 2008

How stupid am I?

I've just realised that I have hockey tickets for the night of the US election.

C'MON! How dumb was that?

It's only Nashville, I might be tempted to skip the game.

On the other hand, it might not be a bad thing for me to be out of the house that night. Last time I was yelling at the TV and then getting depressed as Kerry's numbers continued to slide. I gave up and made Mr E Man take me out to our local pub... which had CNN on all its big screen TVs. Not fun.

Will it all be done by 11 pm PST do you think? Or will I still get home in time to watch the actual announcement if I go to the Canucks game?

If I go to the game I'd better charge up the iPhone before heading out, it will be in constant use...


  1. for me - either way it goes it will be a turning point and so I shall be in front of a TV.

    If Obama wins he may well win big and we will witness the beginning of a new era and I definitely don't want to miss that.

    If McCain wins then, given the consistent polling against him, we will know an awful truth - it can now only really be because people lied to the pollsters. Like in 1992 when they were ashamed to say they were going to vote Tory. I fear a McCain win will mean they will effectively be saying they are ashamed to admit publicly they are racist, but quite happy to let that influence their vote. What an awful thing it would be if that were proven to be true. Somehow in this day and age I think that is unlikely on a large enough scale.

    My biggest dilemma is who to watch. CNN? The BBC? If Obama wins I don't get Fox but I would love to see their miserable faces.

  2. I was planning to vote and hide. The anticipation will kill me, so I would rather just find out when it's all over instead of sit in front of the TV and have mini-strokes every time I see an update.
    However, I hadn't considered the hilarity of the awesomely bad Fox news. I might have to re-think my plans.

  3. Dr J, the former scenario would indeed be an amazing thing to see - one of those "where were you when..." moments.

    However the fear of the latter scenario is a big motivation for me to go to the hockey game. I remember 1992 all too well.

    XX, I'm hoping that we will all be laughing at YouTube clips of dismayed Fox News reporters for years to come...

  4. I'm not a hockey fan, but if I were in your place I think I'd rather be out of the house--I'm so nervous, I don't think I'll be able to bear the watch the poll news that night...

  5. Look, if the polls are right, McCain will have conceded by 10 pm est, and so you might as well go out and have fun (your mighty iPhone will be your friend anyway).
    If by that time that has not happened... well, we'll have seen in our life time a magnificent African American democrat mount a formidable challenge against a former POW -- something I'd never thought I'd see in my lifetime. Only ten years ago this scenario would have sounded crazy... so, yes, there is going to be something to be happy about even in the most awful of all outcomes (which, awful as it will be, won't be nearly as horrible as four years ago).

  6. I already know what we'll be doing: glued to the TV and flipping channels. Yay. Going to the game sounds much more fun and much less nerve wracking!

  7. What the is the point of having an iPhone if not to be able to go to a lame hockey game (sorry but seriously, nashville?? do they have ice rinks outside of the 1 arena?) and get internet updates on the election?

  8. I'm with everyone else, go. Going to a hockey game where you can yell and scream (without having to worry about neighbors) sounds infinitely better than staying at home!

  9. OK, so last night I had a dream where my Mum and I were trying to make Barack Obama eat some toast "to keep your strength up". WTF??!!

    Anyway. I think I will go to the hockey (Nashville was the only game with any spare tickets ScientistMother! We usually get to 2 games per season... although I did see us beat Calgary 6-1 in pre-season).

    Mr E Man agrees that this is a good idea. "You went a bit crazy last time", he kindly pointed out.

    Massimo (using your real name now eh?!): "there is going to be something to be happy about even in the most awful of all outcomes (which, awful as it will be, won't be nearly as horrible as four years ago)."

    McCain is admittedly not as bad as Bush. But I have three words for you:

    Heart attack. Palin.

  10. I am using my real name because blogger will not let me do the LJ login anymore... as for "heart attack"... if McCain wins many will have heart attacks long before him.
    Seriously, this story of her possibly being in charge one day is way overblown -- if that were to happen, she would simply appoint a vice-president a-la Cheney who would run the show. So, we would have an idiot formally in charge, with a VP making the decision behind closed doors. Sounds familiar ?

  11. I will be in New York on the day itself, and am interested to see if there will be any public reaction to the results. Some coworkers will actually be in Washington that day, which is either going to be really interesting, or disappointingly dull. Either way, it will be a different perspective to be surrounded by people who voted (or had the right to vote).

  12. I think it's prudent to go to the hockey game - one: you have IPhone reception (both you and DMac proved that last hockey game - though you now know your ability to post to Facebook directly is severely hampered by the concrete dome) and two: being at home watching it doesn't change it. Quite frankly, I was more than happy to go play floor hockey during the canadian election because I knew if i was home I would be yelling at the tv....less stress all around.

  13. Massimo, I'm glad you are seeing the glass as half full!

    Mermaid, it would be so cool to be in NYC for an Obama victory!

    IS, I might see even less of the hockey from behind my iPhone screen than I did that night!

  14. DUDE, don't go to the hockey game!! It'll be over by 8pm PST when California closes, the concession speech will happen at 8:30, and the winner's speech will happen at 9pm. I'm not going to say who I believe will be the winner, but let me say, if you're at a hockey game at 9pm, you'll be missing a damn good speech.

    My friends and I are all staying up the whole night to watch the results come in. We are looking forward to popping open the champagne at 4 in the morning.

    But I really do think this election will be called as soon as the polls close in California for a number of reasons, including the fact that up to 30% of the ballots should be counted before election day due to early voting.

    Stay home or go to an election party. You don't want to miss the beginning of a new era!

    Then again, I'm not a huge hockey fan. And Nashville has a team? As in Nashville, TENNESSEE?! Do they have ice there?

  15. As ScientistMother said, they apparently have some ice in Nashville, but probably not very much.

    I am going to go to the hockey. Will any of you be live blogging the election so I can follow it? Or should I set up an open thread here so you can all take part in a "keep Cath informed" effort?

  16. Live blogging the election would violate my rule of no drinking and blogging. Sorry.

  17. LOL, Ruchi (aka Arduous)... Nashville ? How 'bout Tampa Bay (Lightning), Ft. Lauderdale (Florida Panthers), Anaheim (CA) (the glorious "Mighty Ducks") or Phoenix (Coyotes) for cryin' out loud...

  18. Go to the game. I'm sure they'll announce anything momentous, and if Obama cleans up the east coast battleground states it could all be over by 6 pm West coast time.

  19. ScienceGirl, where's the fun in that?!

    Massimo, Phoenix is the funniest!

    Chuck, fingers crossed... if it's not all over by the time the game starts I'm sure I won't be the only one constantly checking for updates!

  20. Okham stole my post.... there are a whole lot of teams where there is no natural ice. I was very annoyed with that earlier but I didn't get furious until Tampa Bay won the Cup. I mean, WTF?!


    I'd go to the game and enjoy some smashing the southerners to smithereens :)

    BUt I don't think the election will be done Tuesday nght unless McCain wins since they will challenge ever one of those states that votes Democrate where they usued to vote republican.... if that happens.

    THen again, I might just watch the polls on the computer even if I am home. I will yell and be all upset - and it's not even my country.

  21. It's your country more than mine and I will be stressing and yelling too!

    I emailed my cousin in Ohio yesterday for reassurance that everything is going to be OK, and she did not do a very good job of convincing me! (Although I know her vote is safe!)

  22. cath> well, I just live here.....

    You, have applied for that citizenship on the other side of the border and speak the language better so... maybe together we can make an American :)

    joke aside, I am not completely convinced O will take it. MAinly because I am a cynical scare cat who doesn't sell the hide before the bear is shot (proverb; would translate in to "count chickens before they're hatched")

    I am scared that it will turn into "popular vote to Obama", electorals to McCain". Wouldn't be the first time.... right?!

  23. OK, in italian we say something similar:
    "Don't try selling the skin of the bear you have not yet hunted".
    Then again, we also say
    "Don't say 'four !' until you've got it in the sack", which has the same meaning although, for the life of me, I have never had a clue of where it is coming from... "Four"... what, exactly ?
    I am not the only one to be confused about this expression; a famous italian soccer coach, during a TV interview, wanted to use it but said instead
    "Don't say 'cat !' until you've got it in the sack", subsequently confessing that he thought that was the expression (it is not). That instantly made him the national butt of all the jokes.

  24. I was once chatting to a friend who was doing his undergrad lab project on chicken viruses, and his supervisor (scariest prof in our department) was around and moaning that not enough embryos had developed properly for the expensive experiment he'd set up and ordered perishable reagents for. I said, on a reflex, "don't count your chickens before they hatch" and he was Not Amused.


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