Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Cat(h) in the Hat


Crazy cat lady, in case you were wondering

And yes, husband dear, I do appreciate the irony of dressing as a crazy cat lady and then taking photos of my cats with parts of my costume and posting them on my blog. Thanks for asking.

Google and her Mini Me catch a mouse

Mr E Man is a very good sport about the fact that, amongst all the sexy vampire babes, Catholic school girls and Wilma Flintstones, his wife chooses to go as Super Frump. Although this year was better than the time I went with a box over my head.

Mr E Man being a good sport

and again


  1. When you live in a warm climate, you kind of get tired of all the Adam's and Eve's and all the rest of the people chasing them to take pictures. Now, a crazy cat lady is quite refreshing :)

  2. Very original, Cath! I think your outfit is darling, and so is Google with his mini-me!

  3. I say that's a helluvacostume !

    (I am Okham, and I approve of this message)

  4. Nice costume. It makes me wish I dressed up this year.
    A few years ago I was at a party where this guy came dressed as a cat. I know, not that original, but he came with a litter box consisting of Grape Nuts cereal and turds made of brownies.

  5. Yeah, I think I should wear that costume to work later this week.

    XX, that is icky but hilarious!

  6. Great costume. There are few things I appreciate more in life than adults in Halloween costumes.

    I was Sarah Palin.

  7. Sweet! I can has photo?

    I expected several Palins at the party we went to, but there wasn't even one. Too scary I suppose.

  8. I love the costume! And your restraint of just taking picture of the cats with the costumes. I would be tempted to take an actual cat with me as part of the costume.

    I never posted a picture of my costume but dressed as the tap dancing bee-girl from the Blind Melon video in the 90's.

  9. Awesome idea - can you actually tap dance?

    I don't think our cats would have liked the party. They met the hosts' dog once and it did not go particularly well.


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