Saturday, November 22, 2008


Google's Grabbing Game

She can do this for hours. Usually loudly, at night. I woke up this morning to find four toy mice in the bedroom, just out of her reach... But isn't it amazing how much fun you can have with a coin wrap and a badly fitting bedroom door?

Saba is continuing to behave strangely. Here is one of her trademark poses:

She is prodigiously proud of that big white fluffy belly and likes to show it off. Usually by flopping down on the floor and rolling over, but she likes the sitting display too. She is often confused by her hind legs - she'll stick one up in the air for a wash, give it a couple of licks, get distracted by a noise, then turn back around in astonishment at this furry white thing that's in her face and try to bat it away with a front paw. Then she will slowly lower the leg back down - as in this photo.

She also frequently falls off the sofa or off things like the cardboard box for the new lamp that you can see in the video. Just rolls onto her back, forgets that she's near an edge, and... flop bang wallop run away.

And yes, she's on a diet. It's starting to work.

Meanwhile Google is usually more lady-like,

but is starting to pick up some of her sister's habits. The flopping onto the back thing, the leg sticking out thing, and getting distracted while washing and then sitting staring at us with her tongue sticking out. But the only time she ever falls off things is when she takes a flying leap onto, say, the kitchen table, lands on a piece of paper, and skids spectacularly across the table before half jumping-half falling off.

Never a dull moment!

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