Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Right, I'm off

My chariot Nissan Maxima awaits... as do approximately 19 hours of planes, trains, automobiles, and hanging around at airports.

It'll be worth it for the two weeks of fun in the sun UK with friends and family. I probably won't be blogging, other than maybe the occasional photo. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas / Hanukkah / Winter Solstice / Summer Solstice / Festivus / Kwanzaa / New Year / Hogmanay / Winterval / Winterlude / Cephalopodmas / Other / None of the above!

See you in 2009!

Happy Cephalopodmas!
(photo from Pharyngula)

(You really, really should check out the Cephalopodmas link from the Digital Cuttlefish. Here it is again. My favourite part:

So we flew, over trees, over hills, over mountains,
(Keeping moist by, sometimes, flying low over fountains)
We flew over deserts, with sagebrush and cactus;
Some day we’ll invade, so it’s really good practice.

Go read...)


  1. Have a safe trip and a Happy Holiday !

  2. Have a lovely time in the old country and enjoy the holiday season!

  3. Happy Holidays! I hope that you have safe travels and fun times!

  4. Have an awesome time and a safe trip!

  5. Be safe! Have fun!

    Your present will be sent when you get back!

  6. Safe travels and enjoy the time in the UK!

  7. I'm a little late, but happy holidays! see you (well, read you) on the other side!

  8. Have a great trip - and I expect to hear all about it when you get back!

  9. Happy Solstice & Cephlapodamas to you too! Enjoy your holidays! I'm driving north the week of the 12th - will be taking the ferry from Bellingham, WA on the 16th and am hoping maybe we could find an in between meeting place if the weather allows...just think on it!

  10. Welcome home! Hope the holidays were good and relaxing!! Happy New Years!!!

  11. Thanks all for the well wishes! The trip was good overall - the first week was excellent, but sadly the second week was marred somewhat by a norovirus that swept through my entire family, causing me to miss Christmas dinner - booooooooo. Hope you all had a great Christmas and will have a great New Year - normal posting will resume soon!


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