Monday, June 1, 2009

Ceremony photos

Copied from my Nature Network blog. My apologies to any of you who read both, but dinner is almost ready...

The ceremony was great. The participants came from 22 different countries, with every (inhabited) continent represented. There was talk of rights, freedoms, responsibilities, tolerance, and the Canadian family.

But the best part?

The oath was administered by a scientist!

One I’d heard of!

Me with Robert Hancock

Dr. Hancock talked about his own experience of becoming Canadian after time spent living in England, Singapore, Australia, Germany, and the US. And he also delivered a very strong message about protecting the environment of this beautiful country.

Beautiful indeed… and hot enough for a swim in the Pacific, despite the snow on the mountains

The icing on the cake of a wonderful day.

And after the cake, the champagne…

…in plastic cups, because you’re not allowed to drink alcohol on the beach.

We didn’t get caught, but for the first time, I wasn’t worried.

They can’t deport me any more.


  1. "They can’t deport me any more"

    oh.... _that_ would be a nice sensation!

    Happy times!!!

  2. that is so awesome! you really are canadien now! :)

  3. Chall, I think it might take me a while to lose my immigrant paranoia about friends starting a bonfire on a beach, or getting caught with a beer... mind you it took them years to deport those guys who killed a pedetrian while street racing, so Mr E Man was probably always right when he told me not to worry ;)

    SM, yes/oui, all Canucked up!

  4. Excellent! Congratulations! (and I love the moose in the next post... but don't you need some 'exotic' english guizmo to sit next to it? ;))

  5. Holy freakin' crap, you're Canadian!! or Congratulations! :))

  6. Congratulations Cath! Must be such a lovely feeling to be Canadian ... after all that time!

  7. Thanks Nina and EGF! Yeah, it's a good feeling!

  8. W00t! Did you have a tingly feeling while taking the oath?


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