Thursday, June 4, 2009

Cookie politics

Conversation with Mr E Man last night:
Him: "I got some Girl Guide cookies"

Me: "Oh, whatcha do that for? I'll have to eat them now, and it's too hot to exercise"

Him: "I couldn't help it! There were like twelve Girl Guides in the supermarket, once they spotted me I had no choice!"

Me: "Oh alright then, I'll have one of the chocolate ones". (Om nom nom)

Him: "I said 'it doesn't matter which one of you I buy them from, right, the money all goes to the same place?' And then they all went crazy and started yelling 'buy from me, buy from me!' There was this one girl, she was all popular and trendy with those huge sunglasses and shiny hair, and she was literally jumping up and down and yelling"

Me: "So did you buy from her?"

Him: "No! I ignored her and gave my money to the quietest, geekiest girl"

Me: "I love you"
Hooray! This formerly painfully shy, quiet, geeky girl guide is very proud of her husband.

I'm so glad we didn't meet in high school though - I probably would have had a secret crush on him, and he probably would have completely ignored the goody-two-shoes geek while he skipped class and smoked under the bleachers. (Oh yes, I've heard stories!)


  1. I'm so proud of Mr. E Man! I was definitely that quiet, geeky girl (ok, so I'm still geeky). So he was the one under the bleachers, huh?

  2. So very sweet! Not only did he buy cookies (nom nom nom), but he picked out the quiet one to buy from. The rest of them will totally be jealous of her for days!

  3. so... what is "under the bleachers"??? I've always wondered.

    and yeah... very sweet of him!! :)

  4. Amanda, me too! We've had several hilarious conversations about how we might have interacted if we'd met when we were much younger.

    Mermaid, I hope so! And maybe the pushy trendy girl learned something ;)

    SF, indeed!

    Chall, the bleachers are those tiers of bench seats that North American high schools have on their sports fields. I gather (from talking to Mr E Man and, um, watching Grease and other high quality documentaries) that this is where the cool kids and rebels hang out... at my school it was behind the bike sheds! ;)

  5. For chall: The series Freaks & Geeks opens with a visual explanation of "under the bleachers" and other highschool cliches. It's on YouTube, but I can't seem to post a link. Uhm, go to YouTube, search for Freaks & Geeks, and find the first part of the first episode and watch the first minute.

  6. My wife and I are complete opposites as well, and I know if we had met in high school, there is no way we would ever have dated, let alone fallen in love.

    Time is the great evener.

  7. Mmmmmm. cookies.

    I'll just add to the other comments. Lancelot and I would not have gotten on well in HS at all. I would have thought he was an immature jerk whose grades were not good enough and he would have thought I was a dork. Thank goodness we met after undergrad. ;)

  8. Oh go Mr E Man! He was raised (or perhaps trained^^) very well.

  9. Eva, I'll have to check that out too!

    TJ & MXX, it must be quite a common phenomenon! Hooray for growing up! It does make me wonder though how people fare if they marry their childhood sweetheart, and grow apart as they grow up...

    Hermitage, no overt training, I think I've just given him a better appreciation of geek girls! When we first met he bought a book called "101 things everyone should know about science", and studied it in secret! I found it when I moved in!

    Mrs CH, I thought so!


    I should probably come up with something more substantive, but later.

  11. Meh, it's Friday, that was substantive enough.

    Eva, I watched that clip - it was scarily similar to how I imagine Mr E Man and his friends at that age, right down to the Zeppelin reference! I might have to check out a full-length episode or two.

  12. That is so sweet that he was studying up for you ;)

    I totally was (ok, who am I kidding, - am!) the quiet geeky girl, but Hubby has told me many times he would have liked to know me way earlier. Although we would have gotten along then too, dating non-geeky people first has given us more appreciation for each other ;)

  13. Yeah, I was very touched (and amused) when I found the book!

    Hooray for geeks!


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