Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson may be dead...?

The BBC is citing "unconfirmed reports"

Not what I expected when my home page opened up...

For people my age (32), he was The Guy when we were first getting into music. And Madonna was The Gal. Despite subsequent shenanigans and crap songs, those are some precious memories, of dancing around my friend's bedroom to Bad.

Weird feeling!


  1. the jury is still out on coma or dead.

    But I feel pretty horrible for looking at this JUST before lunch and laughing:

  2. So... many... jokes... is it OK to use one if we don't know that he's actually dead yet? Something about the futility of getting plastic surgery to look like MJ and then having the template change on you every few months...?

    No? Too soon? OK, I won't then.

  3. CNN, BBC, and CBC are cautiously confirming.

    PZ has a better joke than me.

    I hope his kids will be left alone to grieve in peace, but I'm not overly optimistic

  4. Never too soon. Unfortunately MJ made a mockery of himself over the last few years. The person we all danced to has been gone a long, long time.

    Farah Fawcett died today too. She was SO cool when I was a teenager.

  5. Excellent point.

    I didn't have much exposure to Farrah Fawcett in the UK. Also, I'm younger than you ;)

    Did you have the feathery hair style? I bet that would look awesome in Northern BC with ice in it.

    Are there photos?

  6. David Carrdine, Farah fawcett and now MJ. We lost a crazy musician years ago, but now we've lost come good crazy too.

  7. Yeah, I have been rewatching all his music videos tonight. Say whatever about his personal life, but for those of us who grew up in the eighties, I don't think we can imagine our childhood without dancing to Bad or Beat It or watching the Black or White music video over and over again.

  8. Gosh Cath, you've turned into my news channel - I read about wacko-Jacko AND FF here first!

  9. I read "may be dead...?" and thought "huh? Does she think he's turned into a zombie?".

    That sounds liket the hook for a film: Jacko chases the hero/heroine through the Hollywood night with lots of music, moonwalking and gore. The film would obviously be (a) bad, and (b) a romantic comedy.

  10. Ruchi, very true. I am feeling a little older than usual today.

    Lisbeth, maybe I should switch the focus of my blog to give Perez Hilton a run for his money!

    Bob, that reminds me of a video I saw once, but I can't for the life of me think what it could be.

  11. The rumor mill (at least from last night) was stating that it was cardiac arrest. Cardiac arrest at 50, while not unheard of, is still kind of shocking. I won't be surprised when we find out Rx drugs or something were involved. I mean, hell, if I was accused of molesting children, had a face falling apart, a career in shambles, and had become a mockery of my former self, I'd be on drugs too. Lots of them.

  12. I had the same thoughts. They're also mentioning anorexia. And all those surgeries must put a strain on the body.


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