Friday, July 17, 2009

Current view

I missed the 6:40 ferry by 5 minutes... but bumped into a friend on a
patio, had a beer, and am on the 8:40 ferry right now with 2 other
friends. The sunset view was worth the wait!


  1. aww... it sucks to miss it with such a little time. Although, it sounds like it was a nice beer with company :)

  2. Oh I love sunsets. I grew up in a place where I saw sunsets daily, now its sunrises.

  3. One of the best places in the world - that ferry (as a foot passenger, maybe not so much with a car) is one of the greatest bargains on the face of the planet too!

  4. Chall, they were just raising the vehicle ramps when I arrived... I was like "I can jump from here!", but they said I had to take the next one... It was a pleasant evening nonetheless, with a raging house party on the other side of the water!

    Aurora, the problem with sunrises is that they're far too early in the morning. And you can't enjoy them with a beer in your hand. (well, you can, but not in polite company).

    HG, I love it! I don't know why anyone would stay inside on a ferry crossing on such a beautiful night.

    Dr J, I said "I fucking love BC" so many times this weekend that my friends made me stop! Although this one isn't the best ferry route (Tsawassen-Schwartz Bay, IMO), but the shorter Horseshoe Bay-Langdale (Sunshine Coast) route.

  5. Sunset, beer and friends sounds like a pretty good delay to me :)

  6. IMO, I prefer the Langdale one, it's never failed to blow the minds of visitors - Europeans of course pay fortunes to sail up Fjords, this is not quite as big but pretty nearly. I love love love all the ferry routes though and can't get on them often enough!

  7. Dr J and Cath< just today I said to a work friend "if you can't afford going to Norway/Sweden to see the landscape - BC and Alaska is almost the same". I mean, BC is fairly remote and has low ratio of houses to trees on the coast side :) And it is cheaper to fly to Seattle from south US and then rent a car and drive into BC.... than to go to Norway...

    Ah, all this is right here is ENVY ;) I want to have more vacation, more BC climate and more weekends off. I'll stop complaining soon, I promise but right now it is a hot 94F and a soggy wind.... not to mention I am still at work. Hm, come to think of it, maybe I can leave and have that glass of wine soon... :D

  8. Dr J, me too - it's hands-down the best way to travel! I do prefer the scenery of Active Pass on the longer route though, especially as I've been very lucky with whale sightings (almost every other trip).

    On the way back yesterday evening, a passenger started to sing and play bluegrass banjo on the very back of the outer deck. He attracted quite a crowd of admirers. I think it would be great to have buskers on every sailing!

    Chall, that sounds miserable. It's too hot for me to be completely comfortable here right now, but at least it's not humid. I hope it passes soon! Enjoy your wine!


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