Thursday, July 30, 2009

It's the wrong t-shirt, Gromit!

As blog regulars will know, my habit of showering and changing at work (after cycling in) has caused a number of wardrobe malfunctions in the past.

Yesterday's incident, though, is worthy of a whole post of its own.

As I was getting ready for work, I grabbed some capris and one of my favourite t-shirts, and stuffed them in my panniers.

This is the t-shirt:

The squid is Teh Awesome. People are always asking me where I got it (the Militant Penguin, on Main & 10th. And here's a plug for the local designer, Grumpy Clothing).

The designer prints onto American Apparel t-shirts. As, apparently, do lots of other printing operations.

Because here's the t-shirt that I pulled back out of my panniers after my shower at work yesterday morning:


I wore my gross cycling t-shirt until 10 am, at which point I went straight to the nearest clothing store and managed to find a somewhat decent top among all the weird old lady clothes.

The friend who gave me the second t-shirt is highly amused.

I should probably turn my inside-out clothing back the right way before putting it in my drawers.


  1. That's awesome. I think you should have worn the 'Dunn' Tshirt you think your boss would have noticed?

  2. Mermaid, he's still away... but I was meeting one of his collaborators for the first time (after many, many phone calls and emails) at 9.30 am!

    HGG, I've always got good mileage from telling my friends stories about the silly things that happen to me. I'm glad that I can now spread the joy to a global audience!

  3. amazing Cath! my colleagues make fun of my normal clothes, imagine something like this, gah!

  4. I would have worn the bachelorette shirt anyway. Would have gotten more questions about where you got it than the squid shirt.

  5. Nina, what kinds of clothes do you wear?!

    Oh, and it is TOO DAMN HOT to answer questions!

  6. Haha - I've done that too, although the shirts were never as bad as your's!

    My cure-all is to leave a fleece vest in your office as it comes in handy for hiding the wrong shirt as well as food stains from lunch, a t-shirt with holes that you had forgotten about and inadvertently wearing a black bra underneath a light-coloured shirt :)

  7. haha, so you opted for meeting someone for the first time in a sweaty cycling shirt rather than the bachelorette shirt?!? ;) well, maybe I would've done that too....

    I think PiT's suggestion about a vest is a god one. MEC has vests for cheap.

    And I am wondering if I should (could?) ask for one of those t-shirts to be sent south..... they are very cute! ah well, maybe i should just go to vancouver and buy some stuff... (if I only had the time and money)

  8. Well, I wear pretty normal clothes actually (at least in my opinion), but among my colleagues red shoes are regarded very exotic ...

  9. PiT, I have a fleece jacket on the back of my chair, and it's been called into service to hide many of the transgressions you mentioned. But have I mentioned that it is TOO DAMN HOT? I was sweating all day in just a t-shirt and capris! Vancouver is not set up to deal with multiple days in a row of >32C temperatures... no-one has A/C at home (the system at work is not keeping up with the rising temperatures) and buildings are designed to RETAIN the heat! The thermostat needle in our house has been maxed out at 90F for several days now! NO FLEECE!

    (Sorry, I'm grouchy. It's TOO DAMN HOT to sleep, eat, or drink tea. And those are 3 of my favourite things).

    Chall, I can go and have a look for you if you want, I was planning to go to the store some time in the next week 'cos they do really cute kids clothes too and I need something for Baby Lilah's shower. Check out the sizing chart on their website (not standard sizes - mine is an XL) and let me know what colours / size / designs you like.

    Nina, how boring of them!

  10. You have A/C at work though, right? Just wear it in the office when you need to hide stuff and take if off if you head outside for lunch or whatever :)

  11. The work A/C is not able to keep up with the external temperature. i.e. it's hot and sweaty in the office, and apparently even worse in the labs...

  12. my answer seems to have gone astray....

    I wrote, that would be so nice of you! I'll write you an email soon and maye I can get that pay pal account to work too :)

  13. Chall, let me know soon, I'll probably be going either tonight or on Friday!


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