Wednesday, September 16, 2009


The pre-season Flames tickets are part of my birthday gift to Mr E
Man; he'll probably take his BFF. But I'm going to the Blues game for


  1. I'm guessing this isn't rugby league.

  2. ahh... I am reminded again that NHLchannel is gone form my tv network... no more NHL games unless they are on ESPN/FOX :(

    ...unless it changes in a few weeks...

    Enjoy the Canucks games! It's an awesome pressie!!!

  3. I didn't know you were a hockey fan!? I just got into it during the finals last summer (we don't get hockey on cable where I'm from so I had never watched a game).

    Have a great time!!

  4. Bob, you would be correct (silly game, anyway. Gimme Union every time).

    Chall, that's too bad. I guess you could go to a sports bar for the big games...? Do they at least show the play-offs?

    Bear, seriously?! I guess you haven't been reading this blog all that long, to be fair, but I am a big hockey fan. Who's your team?

  5. I actually don't know much about the sport yet, but LOVE what I've seen so far.

    I am a Penguins fan due to proximity and the thrill of watching them for the first time last year, but I am going to branch out a bit this year and see if another team strikes my fancy (though I'll continue to keep up with the Penguins too).

  6. Cath> sports bar showing hockey here? haha, there was one - after I did some oogling and pulling the top a bit lower and biting my lip (almost serious here). But alas, there might not be much of a hockey interest here. Sometimes you can see teams from "th south" on Fox... Not really sure about the play offs, the finals definetly but before that I think it might be hard.

    It's part of the reason with my college football/NFL interest. It's always on!

  7. Penguins? Nice! Good team. You should try to get to a live game if at all possible, it's awesome fun!

    Chall, I had to pull a similar trick to watch a Canucks-Capitals game in a sports bar in DC! Craziness.

  8. Update: Mr E Man's BFF can't make the Calgary game, so I get to go, because I'm Mr E Man's "second-favourite friend".

  9. Cath: "secnd fave friend" is a good one ;)

  10. I thought so! And I suppose it could be a lot worse!


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