Friday, September 25, 2009

Summer lovin', had me a blast

Tell me more, tell me more, was it love at first sight?

When I think back to the day I first met you, I can't help but feel ashamed. With all those more handsome specimens around (surely even you would admit this!), I not only overlooked you; I actively dismissed you as a possibility. I didn't think my friends would like you, and I'm sorry that my ridiculous vanity and snobbery robbed us of a few more precious moments we could have spent together.

Tell me more, tell me more, did she put up a fight?

When those flashy, handsome dudes finally revealed their serious character flaws to me, I turned to you. The moment we touched, I succumbed to your charms. Such chemistry! It was immediately clear that we were made for one another, and if my friends don't like you, well, that's their loss.

He showed off, splashing around

Oh, what a wonderful summer! Those long walks on the beach, those ocean swims! I always felt so safe, knowing you were there to protect me. I wish I could have taken you on the nice long kayak trip I promised, but as you know, I've been saving all my vacation days for the exotic trip we're taking together - soon, my love, soon!

It turned colder, that's where it ends

But, until then, it is time to say goodbye. The air has turned autumnal, the trees are developing their beautiful yellow and red hues. It was a wonderful summer fling - and don't let anyone tell you it didn't mean a thing.

But (oh). Those summer nights.


  1. Mmmmm...Keens...

    I LOVE the keens. The most comfy things to EVER grace my little toes, arch and heels.

  2. Bob, I hope so. I'm keen on heeling.

    DuWayne, aren't they the best?! I've never had such comfy shoes. And I love how my toes are protected (many of the beaches we end up on during kayak trips are of the stony rather than sandy kind). I even wore them to work a couple of times, during the heatwave.

  3. Nice! I have a similar relationship with my Teva's. I love them and can wear them for days. I have traveled the world in them... and can admit freely that they are ugly. Don't care because even if I am in Paris I want to be able to walk and enjoy my time, rather than mincing about in adorable shoes. I do like yours because they protect the toes, though, especially when walking on stony (and barnacle-y) beaches.

    On the other side, I also love my Choo's - can't walk in them worth a damn but I can pose for hours!

  4. Ah - those are nice! I have something similar, but the heels are covered also. They were life savers in South America.

  5. I saw those a month ago, didn't have time to stop and get them. Green Keens! :)

  6. Mermaid, these were the replacement for a very old and battered pair of Tevas. I needed something amphibious - now, when I go kayaking, all I need is these plus some thick woolly socks for the cold nights!

    Alyssa, I bet. We're heading to Cuba in November and my Keens will be one of the first things I pack!

    Silver Fox, that's a shame - but you can get them online, apparently!

  7. And now you've got me looking online for the best deal! Does the beach sand and gravel stay out of the shoes pretty well? I have Keens with open toe, gravel gets in when I take them into the field.

  8. You do end up with some stuff under your foot - but less than with my Tevas, and jumping into the sea usually clears it!

  9. No seas around here! (Unless you count The Great Salt Lake.)

  10. I name my macs / hard drives after shoes. My laptop is Ferragamo, a portable hard drive NineWest, and the iMac that I just purchased was christened Keen the day it arrived.


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