Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hockey pool, week 20

It was Chall's week this week: she led the pool in points,

and reclaimed third place from ScientistMother.

Hopefully not an omen for the Olympic hockey tournaments!

Speaking of which - may the best teams (men's and women's) win be Canadian! Here's hoping for a couple of really great tournaments. The NHL hockey pool updates will be back in a couple of weeks...


  1. WOHO!! :D

    Noone can't say that I am not extatic (can't spell though, but I am VERY happy about this).


    (time to watch some hockey... )

  2. Yes, you had an awesome week!

    Hockey hockey hockey! Are you enjoying it so far? Big game today...

  3. Cath. You know the same things I know. Out of 61 times, "we" have 1 win.... :) But there is always hope.... At least we are already in the semifinals, although we don't know against who yet...

    let's see what happens later on today. Right now I am sad about Pärson's exit from the down hill. Looked positively superbad.


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