Monday, February 15, 2010

The whales!

From Friday's opening ceremony:

Was that awesome or what??!!

Much, much less awesome was the item on the local news last night saying that due to days of warm, heavy rain, the general admission (standing) spectators' area for today's snowboard cross event was deemed unsafe, and tickets for that area were cancelled. For those of you who were wondering; yep, those were our tickets. We're obviously gutted, especially since Canada went on to win a silver medal (and came oh so close to gold), and watching it on the TV just wasn't the same.

Ah well, at least we found out last night, rather than this morning at the bus stop. (We'd gone over to North Vancouver for a sleepover at our friends' house; they live two blocks from the Cypress Mountain bus departure point, and walking there from their place for our 8:25 am bus seemed like a better option than taking the bus, SkyTrain and Sea Bus on the first morning rush hour of the games! We came home as soon as we verified the cancellation on the internet, to sleep in our own bed rather than on an uncomfortable sofa). And it must suck way more for the ticket holders who'd come from out of town.

Tonight is a much needed quiet night. Even when I was 18 I couldn't handle more than two party nights in a row, and, well, I've had three in a row since the Games began! Mr E Man has gone to see a band downtown with a couple of friends, but I'm chillin' with the cats in the name of saving myself for tomorrow, which is going to be a big, big day!

I realise I'm well behind with regular features such as Bragging Rights Central and the hockey pool update; I'll try to get that done tomorrow, sorry! Just too much other stuff going on...


  1. what do you mean you're letting something like the olympics get in the way of our hockey pool??? Its a sad day, Cath.

  2. Dude! You missed seeing Mike Robertson and the other snowboard gods? I think I'm realizing I really do have a thing for snowboarders :)

  3. I never thought I'd see the day where you'd get behind in the hockey pool results. ;) That does suck that your tickets were cancelled! But at least it wasn't the hockey, right?

  4. hockey pool!! Obviously VERY important this week :D

    (yes, I watched some of the game last night and am not all together convinced that it will go my way Wednesday.... although, Swedes are always better against better teams! We don't like pounding the other team into gravel and humiliate them as _certain_ teams with 18 - 0 does... all to explain the hardship... ;) )

  5. oh, and I can totally relate to the suckiness of not being there and cheering for the canadians in the snowboarding! I watched it on the telly and it looked so icy ... and hard. SO happy he didn't end up third after watching those to semi finals...

    Hope you can get in the zone for the hockey match - and then do you have any other tickets? Are they releasing more tickets for the downhill events that have been cancelled so far? (women slalom etc)??

  6. SM, yes, I know! Don't worry though, those points aint going anywhere for a while and I will for sure update the graphs before the NHL restarts!

    Kyrsten, yes, I missed out :( And yes, the snowboard dudes are pretty cool!

    Amanda, yeah, for sure! Although after the zamboni problems they've had at the speedskating oval, and the weather issues with the outside venues, we're wondering what can possibly go wrong next!

    Chall, touche! Yes, it's hard to judge which of the favourites will do the best until they actually meet each other - tomorrow!!! We have tickets for that, and the curling on Thursday night - and we might be able to get into one of the medal victory ceremonies / concerts at BC Place next week.

  7. We missed out on men's downhill. The postponed until Monday (the race was scheduled Saturday) but we could not stay in Whistler. No refunds for postponements, unfortunately. We ended up giving our tickets to friends. We could have sold them, but that seemed wrong for some reason.

    I missed out on the whales!

  8. Booooo. Stupid weather - not enough snow on Cypress, and too much at Whistler!


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