Monday, March 15, 2010

Hockey pool, week 22

Arriving at a friendly North Vancouver brew pub during the second period of the Canucks-Senators game on Saturday, Mr E Man and I were invited to draw a name of a Canucks player out of a hat. We were informed that if the player on the slip scored the next goal, we would get a free drink. We drew again at the start of the third period.

Now, I've done well at a similar game before, at a different pub, where you pay a toonie to enter but get to choose the name of the player. I once chose all four scorers in a single game (no-one else chose the same players, meaning that I got the full pot each time), and paid for our entire dinner and drinks bill, including tip, with my winnings. Thank you Ruutu (twice), Cooke, and Salo!

However, my luck at random draws really sucks. While Mr E Man pulled the names of two of our hottest players and got two free drinks,

I chose this very junior, low scoring guy...


...and he wasn't even playing that night.

You'll notice that I crumpled the second slip up as soon as I saw it.

Anyway, I checked my performance in the hockey pool on Saturday before the game, and at that time my luck in the pool was mirroring my luck in random player name draws. But when I checked again this morning, I realised that the Canucks' back-to-back victories had propelled me to the top of the pile!

Not that it really helps that much in the grand scheme of things, as That Damn Alyssa is still kicking ass:

Ah well, the Canucks' epic road trip (the longest in NHL history) is now over, and hopefully a string of home wins will help me repeat the success of that one glorious night when I picked every single goal scorer and became a (very) temporary (very) local celebrity.


  1. 42? huh?

    Has Alyssa ever had 42? (most likely she's had every stupid point in the world but anyway... ;)

    I notice that at least I am keeping SM at bay. Hm, wonder if this was my changes that I did last week - or if those came too late... (can't you tell I am paying attention!?)

    time to0 go back to work.

  2. Yeah, it was a good week :)

    I am paying some attention... I made a change this week due to a likely suspension to one of my players, who wasn't performing all that well anyway. But I'm not 100% confident that the change will go through for this week, sometimes it takes a week to kick in even when you're ahead of the deadline. And by then this player will probably be back... oh well!

  3. p.s. Alyssa got 45 points last week. Why am I not surprised?!

  4. btw, this week is going to suck for me I think. Overchkin is off the games... no points for me. I can't check right now if Alyssa has him this time around, but you might be "lucky" cath ;)

  5. Yeah, I managed to ditch him in time! Looks like Alyssa did too (if she even had him in her lineup - he hasn't been playing well since (or even during) the Olympics).


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