Thursday, April 22, 2010

The joy of socks...

...that match your other accessories


  1. so cool!
    Next time, get the paw next to your heel ;)

  2. I tried, but she wasn't being very cooperative

  3. Put the sock on the cat!! Put the sock on the cat!!

    Oh and watch this video:

    It's frickin' hilarious!

  4. sweet!
    I wonder if there are pink and white striped cats too? That's my favourite pair of socks ;)

  5. This post is full of yakawow!

    (um, I'll let someone else explain that. :-))

  6. Alyssa, very cute! Although it did make me wonder if the cuts away to black were maybe... trimmed a little bit!

    p.s. maybe time to switch to decaf? :)

    Nina, she has a pink nose, does that help?

    Bob, don't be so breezy!

  7. At Mr E Man's suggestion, I have added another photo. I swear this was not deliberate, btw. I love my kitties, but I'm not a crazy cat lady... yet.

    Also, the cat I had as a kid matched our the sofa we had at the time. I'll have to see if my parents have a photo of that!

  8. The second photo is brilliant, too!
    Now I'm curious how a cat could match a sofa...

  9. She was a variant of tortoiseshell (calico, in North America), mostly brown with some small ginger and off-white patches. The sofa was brown, with small orange and white flowers. My parents will definitely have photos of the cat and photos with the sofa in the background, but I'm not sure if they'll have one of the cat on the sofa...


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