Saturday, June 26, 2010

The blooper reel

Let's see if you can guess why I decided to re-do the beginning of the "thank you" video... the video that I sent to my parents, in-laws, aunties and uncles...

(Hint: don't watch it at work).



  1. *This* is why YouTube was invented... :D

    I am impressed you were coherent enough to record this video at all. After all that riding, one sip of beer would probably knock most mere mortals flat on their MoFo-hurting a$$. ;)

  2. Yes, I was impressed with the video, how well you went through it all, even while sipping (drinking?) a beer, and after the ride. I would probably just be sitting and leaning against a wall or tree, propped up enough to get the beer down. No video for me!

  3. Ha ha ha

    Or the NZ version:
    "Oh yeah, Hi. Chuurs bros. Arse is a bit fucked after all that, eh? Oh Fuck! Guess we'd better do that again, eh, bro? And, ah yeah sorry, let's try not, um yeah, fucking it all up this time, eh?"

    Or the Australian version: (high pitched)
    "Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck! Maaaaaaaaaaaate! Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeer!!"


  4. I'm glad my potty mouth is so entertaining! :)

    Ricardipus and SilverFox, I really didn't feel all that coherent... and watching the video, I seem to say "awesome" an awful lot... I'd better get someone to film me in normal conversation to make sure I don't usually sound quite so ridiculous! I mean, I'm 33 FFS!

    Antipodean, those were my other options!

    Cheers Tideliar!


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