Thursday, August 26, 2010



A subsequent email read "Apologies for the previous message which was sent out due to a technical error".

I love this kind of thing!


  1. maybe you want to remove the guy's email in the corner too? ;)

    but it looks like a great email!

  2. Hmm, not 100% sure that's necessary, but I've done it anyway, just in case - thanks!

    Yes, it made me smile, and things that make me smile are always great :)

  3. There is a tale, probably apocryphal, of a tech guy at a bank who was charged with putting together a special package of promotions aimed at the bank's wealthiest customers. To test the package he created an imaginary customer called 'Rich Bastard', so that the test standard letter would be addressed 'Dear Rich Bastard'. Of course, when the letters would be sent out to real customers, their real names would be substituted, only ... Hey, you're way ahead of me. Guess what happened to our poor tech guy.

  4. LOL! The best we get around here is "test" and that's not remotely entertaining.

  5. Cromercrox, I like that story! I do hope it's true.

    MXX, yeah, I get some of those too. And the occasional RFA in the RSS feed that says "test - not for release" or something like that.

    I did like the message over the PA system last year though that said "we are alarming the test system". "That's not very nice of them!", I thought!

  6. Dear fascist bully boy

    give us some dosh you bastard


  7. You're this drunk on a Monday? I salute you, sir.


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