Friday, August 20, 2010

Trees do the darndest things!

Like celebrate their British roots:

and, um, be intimate with fence posts:

Both photos taken by me within the last week. Evolution in action, or just an overactive imagination (and a dirty mind?)

(I did try to write a proper post, by the way, but I'm too tired. I'll try again tomorrow).


  1. ^
    What Anthony said.

    [Because I'm too lazy to write a proper comment]

  2. I wonder why no one noticed the fence (until it was too late)!

  3. You're suffering from pareidolia. Next you'll be seeing the face of Alan Shearer in your toast.

  4. Umm.......Yes well....errrr


    viv in nz

  5. You have a dirty, dirty mind, Cath =)

  6. let's get to the root of Cath's problem here..

  7. Anthony and Ricardipus: a groan's as good as a LOL to a tired blogger :)

    UR, I don't exactly live in a neighbourhood where pristine gardens are a top priority. So either they didn't care, or they thought it was funny...

    ScientistMother, it's not me, it's the tree that's dirrrty!

    Bob, it's all Eva's fault for linking to this blog on Facebook.

    Also, Alan Shearer can join me for breakfast any time he wishes.

    Knutty Knitter, that was my first thought too...

    Ruchi, sorry dude!

    Bean-Mom, like I told ScientistMother, it's not my fault if trees want to behave like that in public!

    Dr. A, make sure you're not barking up the wrong tree though...

  8. I keep trying to explain to him that to Europeans, big scary animals with huge teeth that live in the woods and make scary noises are the domain of fairy tales, things that frighten and thrill you when you're a kid, but aren't supposed to be real.
    That sums up my visceral response to Winnie the Pooh perfectly. At least the Disney version.

  9. Ugh, I couldn't believe it when I saw the Disney version. Way to destroy a treasured childhood story, Disney.


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