Monday, November 1, 2010

Hockey Pool, Week 4

First of all, many thanks to Chall and ScientistMother for hosting the last two updates!

Here are this week's results:

Congratulations to Thomas, who reclaimed top spot from Bob this week!

You two must be getting lonely at the top there, but luckily ScientistMother is making a bid to join you. I think it's obvious that we need to have a Canadian in the top spot, so yay Scientist Mother!

Chall and Gerty Z also had strong weeks, climbing from 6th to 4th and 7th to 6th, respectively. Ricardipus held on to 5th place, and Lavaland continues to hold steady in 8th.

And as for me: well, clearly, I suck. I can put some of the blame on the NHL scheduling gods; the Canucks only played one game in the last ten days, so I ditched all three of my lovely Canucks (who'd been doing pretty well for me), and chose players from busier teams who'd scored the most points for their cap value. Clearly this technique is not as effective as choosing your own team's top scorers.

I did see one of the Sedin twins in Safeway on Saturday though, so the week wasn't a total write-off, hockey-wise.

The Canucks play four games this week. Onwards and upwards!


  1. I did see one of the Sedin twins in Safeway on Saturday though, so the week wasn't a total write-off, hockey-wise
    I hope you didn't crock him, otherwise I'd have to send one of my Ruutus after you...

  2. Ooh! Can you send Jaarko? I love Jaarko.

  3. FUCK! I forgot to change my picks...urgh!!!

  4. I know you got on me on twitter for not gloating but honestly ... look at my performance since Week 1. Gloating week after week gets old after awhile. :)

  5. ScientistMother, well, I guess it's up to the rest of us to mount an assault on the top two then! (Although your picks did pretty well for you last week!)

    Thomas, that's more like it!

  6. they did, but i"m sure how many games they're playing this week. I did get 1 point last night so fingers crossed. Chall is kicking but 7 points last night!

  7. LUUUUUUUUUUUU with the shut-out earned me 4 points last night. LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!

  8. oh yeah baby! I'm in the lead....12 beautiful points after two nights :)

    (of course, we all know the saying - up like a sun, down as a pancake - right?!;) )

  9. Your Canucks are doing you proud!

    I've never heard the sun / pancake saying before. But it is awesome. I will be using it from now on.

  10. screw you all. I"m not coming back till next week.


  12. thats not fair. I can't slam the nuckleheads and I would've had LU on my team. URGHHHH!!!!!!!

  13. I hear Schneider's getting the start tomorrow, if that helps ya

  14. You know, I think I will go through the whole pool without changing any picks at all. Think of it as a negative control.

    P.S. Cath - you're right. You suck.

    *dances around saying NYAAH NYAAA NA BOO BOOO!!!!, in the manner of the Junior Ricardipi.

  15. Cath> I figure it might be a Swedish saying ;) (surprising, a Swedish saying about not hoping too much and being happy.... hahaha) I guess it might be sort of like "pride before fall" or "the higher up the longer the fall down?".

    It (pancake) might refer to the idea that is just turned into a mess (failure to make a nice souffle since it turned flat and hence, a pancake?) We use it to say "everything just turned into a pancake" meaning "it ended up a mess".

    Thursday trivia of cultural differences in the hockey land :)

    Oh, do you guys see what I see??? I am in the LEAD over all too ;)

  16. Ricardipus, you might be forced into it when they change the player values - your players might go up in value (HA!) and put you over the cap limit.

    I`m not sucking half as much this week! But Chall is kicking all our asses right now.

    Chall, so I guess it's like "it's all gone pear-shaped"? (although as a pear-shaped person myself, I prefer the pancake version).


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