Thursday, December 2, 2010

Just... don't.

"BRCA status" is not so long and clunky that you should feel the need to say "BRCA-ness", as in "property X is probably related to the BRCA-ness of the cell line".

If you absolutely must say "BRCA-ness", pronounce it "bracka-ness", not "bee are see eh-ness"



  1. ...but -ness sounds so much more cute, don't ya think? I mean, gram+iness (grampossiness) sounds so much vuter than Gram positive, right?

    (I have a similar thing going on where I am right now... but it's more on the note "if you are making a new list although you have an old list in excel, can't you just copy and paste instead of making a completly new one, jumbled and with cut and paste from other lists in various fonts, sizes and formats?!" I mean, really? it's barely readable...)

  2. Cute...?

    Um, no!

    If you sound out "bee are see eh-ness" (eh as in Canadian eh) you will see where the problem lies :)

    The list thing sounds really annoying! In those situations I usually just copy and paste the whole thing into a new document and hit "keep text only", then reformat the way I want it once everything's uniform.

  3. I don't really understand contracted or new 'buzz' phrases that actually take longer to say than the original word/phrase. Example: On the ASAP (eh-ess-eh-pee) takes just as long to say as 'As Soon As Possible' - so what is the point?

  4. mermaid> I tend to hear it as "ehysaapp" and that is shorter than the long one.

    cath> I would normally do exactly that but this was in an email to lots of ppl and i thought to myself "if you really wanted ppl to understand, I could've helped you. as it is now, even i (who works with all the stuff on the list) have a problem desiphering what's going on".....

  5. Mermaid, the worst is www. It takes three times longer to say than world wide web - whoever thought that was a good idea?!

    I usually hear "eh-sap" too, for ASAP, but not all the time.

  6. Yes, eh-sap is fine..."on the eh-es-eh-pee" makes no sense to me.

    I think people just like to sound important and cool (at least to themselves).


  7. Well, we know just how well that works, from experience in our last jobs!

  8. Talk about timing! At meetings this afternoon I looked up at the presentation and there, in big red letters, was "BRCA-ness". Coincidence?


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