Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thursday's Primate Valentine Party

In honour of Valentine's Day, this week's Primate Party is a day early.

That lovely image was from the fine folks at, which always makes me smile...

New Scientist's Short Sharp Science blog is also getting in on the action, with posts about gorilla lovin' and a different kind of Valentine's Day card - for people who want to anonymously alert former partners to go to an STD clinic. Lovely. (I really have lowered the tone today, haven't I?)

I hope you all have a lovely Valentine's Day, in whatever way you choose to spend it! Hubby and I are going to a hockey game. Since it's my birthday on the 16th, we've decided to skip the restaurant reservation and flowers panic of Feb 14th and celebrate our two anniversaries instead. The wedding was in August and our first date was in January, so it splits the year up very nicely indeed.


  1. And yet so right...

    Seriously though, I'm glad we've evolved past the stage of attracting mates by showing our arses.

    Most people have, anyway.

  2. Yeah...we've evolved from showing our arses to showing our surgically enhanced boobs. Yay, progress!

  3. Only some of us, mate!

    As my Mum says, more than a handful is a waste.

    As my friend's Mum says, more than a handful ends up at your waist.

  4. I had to wait till today to comment to tell you...


  5. Happy Birthday from me too! And may our bosoms never end up at our waists!

    How's that for lowering the standards and tone on a blog? :-)

  6. Thanks both! It was fun, although not as much as last year's Big 3-0 extravaganza (ski trip and 2 parties). BUT I got to have dinner and drinks with people I love, and today the sun is shining. I've just come back from a bike ride, and I'm just heading back out into the sun to try to make the garden look like less of a disgrace. A Good Weekend!

    And don't worry about lowering the tone, I started it!


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