Thursday, July 5, 2007

Tonight's entertainment provided by...

A very entertaining 64th Skeptics' Circle is now up at the skeptical alchemist - and I get to make my first contribution! I must be going up in the world.

Here's something else that is enormous fun to read, and must have been even more fun to write -
Richard Dawkins' review of Michael Behe's latest book in the New York Times. My favourite line:

Notwithstanding the inconvenient existence of dogs, cabbages and pouter pigeons, the entire corpus of mathematical genetics, from 1930 to today, is flat wrong. Michael Behe, the disowned biochemist of Lehigh University, is the only one who has done his sums right. You think?

I have no idea what a pouter pigeon is, but it's good stuff. HT to Paul Begley for this one.

And finally for today,
Ricky Gervais talks about the book of Genesis. If anyone out there hasn't seen Gervais' original British version of The Office yet, I can't recommend it strongly enough*. The American version is great, but the British version is just something else.


*I do seem to go on about the BBC a lot, don't I? It really is very good indeed.

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