Friday, October 5, 2007

Friday's Primate Party

What is it about monkeys and flying?
Here's a story from the Times of India:

"That India's airports desperately needs modernisation became evident when a monkey caused operations to be stalled for a few hours at New Delhi's Indira Gandhi International Airport. A monkey was spotted by passengers and CISF officials at the international airports security hold area about 5 pm. Consequently, gates 10 and 11 were closed for a few hours. These gates are used for VIP movement due to their proximity to the VIP boarding gate. So bad was the situation that entry through these gates had been denied even to the VIPs, due to the monkey scare. It seems the monkey had apparently been frequenting the airport for a few weeks and made himself at home between the false and actual ceilings. The airport authorities of course claimed that they could not capture him since there was s a huge tangle of wires above the monkey's new duplex residence. It is not clear whether the airport authorities were able to catch the elusive monkey".
I think it sounds like excellent pre-flight entertainment. Get a breeding group in there, train them as drug sniffers or baggage handlers, whatever it takes to get more monkeys into airports.

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