Friday, October 12, 2007

My New Blogging Heroes

Infophilia, for a very welcome lesson on how to host a blog carnival. Those puzzles are going to torment me for days to come.


The Digital Cuttlefish, for providing poetic responses to many of Pharyngula's posts. This is a very new blog, and as such wouldn't usually make my blog roll - but I hope this one keeps going and going!

I've made a couple of other additions to my blog roll recently - check out one of those while you wait for me to write something meaningful! I've printed out a couple of great papers and hope to get to them over the weekend...

p.s. while I'm linking to things, the new issue of The Tangled Bank is up.


  1. Thank you so much for including me in your blogroll!

    I am so flattered...I will try to live up to your hopes, trust, and expectations...

    Vancouver? The closest I have been is Seattle, but what a wonderful part of the world you are in! And such delicious oysters....


  2. You're very welcome! Keep up the good work!

    I'm not a huge oyster fan myself, especially after a kayaking trip where a friend had an argument with some oysters - and lost. The salmon's great though.


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