Friday, February 1, 2008

Friday's Primate Party

Last week's party featured two similar stories that stirred up some very different (and slightly ambivalent) feelings. Luckily, things are much more black and white today (there's enough grey outside my window to be getting on with this morning).

Rescuing monkeys from a laboratory where they were kept separately in terrible conditions and never saw daylight, rehabilitating them, and releasing them into a more natural environment in family groups is A Good Thing*.

The green, green grass of home
Photo from sanctuary's website.

Dressing a monkey up as a cowboy and getting him to ride a dog in a rodeo is A Bad Thing. Even if he is called Whiplash, which is admittedly quite cute.

That was easy!

*The use of primates in research? Damnit, there's that ambivalence again.

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