Monday, February 25, 2008

This is what too much caffeine and adrenaline does to me

When working on multiple grants,
I fly by the seat of my pants.
When it comes to the budget,
Please let me just fudge it,
Or you'll suffer from one of my rants.

Apparently I look like someone who knows what tissue microarrays cost.

And yeah, I know I said I wouldn't post this week, but I need some kind of outlet for my twitchy energy while I wait for responses from various PIs...


  1. My 5 minute afternoon break developed this:

    There was once a woman named Cath
    Whose scientists built up her wrath
    Her ability to write
    Was totally bright
    But she’d rather not have to do math

    Hee hee. Mermaid

  2. Hee hee! That's awesome! When are you starting your own blog?

    p.s. wrath is supposed to rhyme with moth, not Cath, but I'll let you off 'cos you're nice.

  3. Oh, quibbling about pronunciation! This is fun!

    I figure if you come from Northern BC, move to Australia for the majority of your adult life, then back to Canada to hang out with international friends, you're allowed to take liberty with whatever you want when writing (dubious) poetry.

    Besides, the good old web has given me these:

    wrath (rath, räth; chiefly Brit rôth)

    The standard current British pronunciation is [roth], but some older well educated people say [rawth]. The US pronunciation is [rath], to rhyme with Kath.


  4. Well, let's just call it assonance and have done with it!

    (Silly web, saying I'm not well educated!)

  5. Perhaps it's just saying you're not old.

  6. That's true. I'm young and ignorant, damnit!


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