Sunday, March 16, 2008

Predictable limerick competition results

Well, all the entries were great, but as soon as Cuttlefish entered, the result was a foregone conclusion, wasn't it?! He's a seasoned and talented pro at this game, and the use of the adjectives "hot" and "gorgeous" didn't do him any harm either.

So congratulations to the rhyming cephalopod! You win some Nature Network goodies (if you're prepared to email me your mailing address - in complete confidence of course) and a $40 contribution to the (secular) charity of your choice. Let me know by comment or email!

Seeing as the winner was a no-brainer, I decided to award a second prize. EcoGeoFemme, you win some NN swag and a $20 donation to the secular charity of your choice.

Congratulations both, and thanks to everyone who played!


  1. I'll get you next time, Cuttlefish! (Runs off to his secret lair to plot revenge)

  2. Wow! You know, that day I started to write, "No fair! We can't compete against cuttlefish!" but then I though I should write that in limerick form. :)

  3. Yeah, the bastard. Let's ban him next time ;-)

    Eco, what's your charity of choice?

  4. Awww,,,

    Thanks! Now I have to consider charities? Hmm... thinking about something, here. Gotta have my people call their people first...

    Also gotta think about whether to reveal my secret identity. National security issues and all that...

  5. No arguments here! All done. I donated to "wherever the need is greatest" rather than to a national or local office, I hope that's OK. If you'd like a copy of the email receipt I'll see if I can edit it to remove my credit card number! (not that I don't trust you, but...).

    I wonder if Mr E Man will freak out when he sees a payment to Planned Parenthood on our next credit card bill. Maybe I won't tell him just to see what happens!

  6. Planned Parenthood is good.... lots of things are good... I am touched this morning, though, by a particular person. If it is possible to donate toward medical expenses here, that would be my choice. If not, PP is a wonderful choice.

  7. All done at the link you provided! Congratulations again!


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