Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Continued silliness, and a limerick competition!

I'm more often silly than not,
And some of the feedback I got,
Said to keep being ditzy -
It seems that it fits me -

Don't worry, there will continue to be an interspersing of silliness amongst my more sensible posts.

And I want to spread the silliness! Write me a limerick that ends in VWXYNot?, or in the name of your own blog or user name, and I'll send the writer of my favourite entry some of the Nature Network goodies they sent me last week (Sharpie pens, buttons and stickers). And maybe something else if I'm feeling generous. If you don't want to give up your mailing address then I'm sure we can figure something out.


  1. Some people like to read in the dark
    Others will only read about larks
    But it has been decreed
    Everyone should read:
    Perusing science/aardvarks

  2. CAE, in BC, on her yacht
    (Ok, Kayak--that's more than I've got)
    Makes me yearn to go swimmin'
    With such gorgeous women
    (And really, VWXYNot?)

    As a lim'rick fanatic, I'm caught--
    I suspect CAE of a plot--
    In this web of deceit
    I'm admitting defeat:
    I surrender--VWXYNot?

  3. This is fun! Keep 'em coming - competition closes on Wednesday March 12th.

    Kayak is a better word for palindromes than it is for limericks. Talking of which, best ever palindrome =

    Ret tebs if lahd no ceseht tubs, ey?
    Yes, but the second half is better.

    Wish I could remember where I read that!

  4. I know that this won't count, but this was about a former Geometry teacher I had:

    There once was a man named Lennie,
    of hair he didn't have any.
    His last name was Lecter,
    he had a projector
    and that was the saga of Lennie.

  5. Y'know what is hotter than hot?
    I've given it all kinds of thought.
    No, not Salma Hayak--
    CAE in a kayak!
    Don't agree? VWXYNot?

    (and no, hot and thought don't really rhyme in my accent, but I had to try using "kayak".)

  6. Digital cuttlefish is a poet so wise;
    In verse he can best summarize
    The day’s science news
    With a tone so bemused.
    He’s surely to take home cae’s prize!

    When cae wanted limericks to publish
    I knew I could only just wish.
    ‘Cause I just can’t compare
    So it’s really not fair
    For me to compete against Cuttlefish.

  7. You guys are making me giggle! This is a great start to the day!


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