Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Really strange job ad

I came across this job advertisement in a February edition of the New Scientist:

"Not a Lab Rat Job / Special Projects Manager
MA - Massachusetts

Escape the NIH nightmare to join an eccentric CEO/entrepreneur of a Harvard Square-based, small money manager. As his special projects manager with diverse lab management/research experience and excellent technical writing skills, you could become part of an innovative and eccentric team."

The ad's no longer on the website so that's all the information I have.

I'm sure this job would be absolutely perfect for someone, but personally I'd stay away from a job description that uses the word "eccentric" twice in as many sentences.


  1. Interesting. I think I'd be leery of an ad that uses the term "eccentric" even once...

    But it got applicants, though.

  2. Hmm...this one sounds suspiciously like a start-up based on some guy's half-baked idea.

  3. I was just about to write the same thing mad hatter did. And the fact that it was taken down quickly....

  4. I'm sooo intrigued. I bet you're right and it's some weird guy - who's proud of how unconventional he is - starting up a company based on some wacky idea he had while working late one night. The person who takes the job will end up doing EVERYTHING. And I'm sure it did get applicants, and I'm sure that if the idea's any good and you get the right mix of personalities, it could actually work! If they're advertising in New Scientist they must have some money anyway...


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