Thursday, May 1, 2008

First music night: by the numbers

Yes, I finally managed to get a music night going.

Busker catz will play for katnip

- Instruments: 1 classical guitar(me), 1 flute (brother-in-law's hilarious new girlfriend)
- Bottles of beer: 1
- Bottles of wine: 1 (no, not each)
- Breakdown of time spent:
  • retuning my guitar*, 5%
  • bitching about BIL's crazy ex, 70%
  • telling stories about my crazy ex colleague who joined a cult, 10%
  • playing music, 15%
- My ability to play the pieces that caused me no problem when I was 16, as a percentage of my anticipated ability: ~43%
- Apparent amount of interest in music displayed by my cats: 1%, and that was only until they discovered that guitar strings aren't tasty.

It was fun though! Hopefully it will grow as I persuade more people that ability and talent are not only unnecessary, they're actually an impediment to enjoying the evening.

*I swear it got more out of tune the more I drank, maybe out of sympathy. To be fair it's got new strings on it and they're still slipping about a bit.


  1. That sounds like a lot of fun! And (according to the numbers) is exactly what music night should be.

  2. It was indeed!

    BIL's HNG just emailed me to say that she's exhausted and suffering from finger cramps after all that non-stop music action ;)

    I think I will rename it "wine-fuelled gossip (oh, and bring your musical instrument, just in case) night".

  3. That seems like so much fun. Wine filled gossip and music is a winning combination.

  4. Next time we will meet on a weekend, drink more wine, and write a song about BIL's crazy ex.

    Mwa ha ha ha

  5. Just curious: is BIL's HNG comfortable with BIL's crazy ex getting so much attention?

  6. Without getting too deep into a complicated situation: yes, as long as it's negative.

  7. the bitching, that is. There was a recent, erm, incident and she was seeking reassurance that the ex was in the wrong.

  8. Sounds fun!

    BTW, Sciencegirl, I love to talk about EGM's ex-girlfriend who I assume is a horse even though I've never met her. :)

  9. I've met several of Mr E Man's exes. (What can I say, he's older than me and has lived here for almost 30 years - there are a lot of them!) For a while it was reminding me of that episode of Cheers where Diane is pissed off because she can't go anywhere without meeting one of Sam Mallone's ex girlfriends.

  10. CAE - that would be crazy!

    I was just asking because I was a little annoyed at Hubby's parents always bringing up his exgf (who grew up in the same area, so there were plenty of prom pictures, childhood stories, including the "we always thought those two would get married"). I bet it would be funnier if she was a horse :)

  11. "that would be crazy!"

    He was a popular guy! At least one woman hates me - and also hates my friend, who married another guy (Mr E Man's friend) who this woman also had a crush on.

    Your situation doesn't sound like fun at all!

  12. I think Hubby's parents were more attached to his exgf then he was :) The two broke up when they moved to different colleges, but since their respective parents are friends, the parents kept up the hopes.

    I met the exgf and her entire family at my wedding (invitation was mandatory! She flew in from half way around the U.S.!), and then saw her the 2nd time at her own wedding (attendance was mandatory! It was her husband's turn to be awkward with meeting Hubby at his wedding).

    I do think people here go a little over the board with appearances. The awkwardness was completely unnecessary. The good thing is, I think both sets of parents are finally getting over the relationship that ended a decade ago!

    (oh, and sorry for hijacking your post...)

  13. Hey, I just did the same to you! And if I could manage to articulate all related thoughts in one single comment, rather than three over the course of four hours, the percentage of off-topic comments would be way down.

    Meeting Mr Canuck today has turned my brain to jelly!

  14. The Horse is in Far Off Land, so I will never run into her. Happily, I didn't have to meet her when I went there either.

  15. That sounds like so much fun! I'm jealous. And I need a more portable instrument....

  16. Unfortunately, I'm a piano snob. I just don't think even the really expensive keyboards feel quite right. They sound really good on the "piano" settings, but for some reason, the "strings" setting always seems to sound like a swarm of mosquitoes!

  17. I know what you mean - I had a keyboard in high school, which provided hours of entertainment, but did sound pretty cheesy.


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