Thursday, May 1, 2008


I just met Trevor Linden, Vancouver Canuck and genuine local hero. I shook his hand and he signed an autograph for my friend's son, who is called... Linden. (Yes, his dad named him after a hockey player).

TL: "How do you spell that?"

CAE: "Well, he's named after you..."

(Seriously. This was our actual conversation).

Look at all those grey hairs I have! That's the building I work in behind us.

There were lots of other celebs there, including two Olympic medalists. Pretty much everyone ignored them and mobbed Linden instead. Welcome to Vancouver!

My friend Dr. Spandex was more organised than me and brought his jersey to be signed.


Dr. S. also has an iPhone (the first one I've seen) and is therefore officially the coolest person I know.


  1. Look at all those grey hairs I have!

    Wouldn't have noticed if you hadn't pointed them out! I've been pulling mine out when I find them, but I'd be the first to concede this won't be a good long-term solution.... :-)

  2. I used to do that (got my first white hair when I was 19!!), but now I can't keep up. Not only do they stand out more against darker hair, but they don't curl as much as the brown ones, so they tend to stick straight out. I've dyed it before but then you're stuck doing it forever more!

  3. I have dark hair too, so I know what you mean. March Hare, on the other hand, is blond and you can't see his white hairs unless you get really close and stare at his head. So unfair!

  4. On the other hand, Mr E Man has dark curly hair too - but the salt and pepper effect looks really really good on him, and on his oldest brother. It's not fair!

  5. Look at all those grey hairs I have!

    And I was just thinking about how great your hair looked in that picture! Mine never looks that good.

  6. Thanks mate! It is just about the right length for curling right now, but will need to be cut soon before the weight starts to straighten it.

    I'm a little confused as to how this turned into a post about my hair. No hockey fans out there? Okham, where are you?!

  7. aww..... *envy in buckets*

    you met trevor Linden?!! And talked to him?!!? *pouting and more pouting*

    Again I get reminded about the somewhat good things about moving away from the South. THere is NO hockey here. NOTHING! (ok, something little sometimes when you meet a yankee).

    I was SAD to see neither of my teams go to the playoffs (maple leafs for eastern and canucks for western) but picked the only other team possible to be able to be in the loop - red wings. And looking at the swedes in that team makes me happyhappyhappy now ;D

    hm, I think a NHLpost is long over due in my blog. Happy for you though to say hi to that man! have a good weekend!!

  8. Well, after the Canucks missed out, I supported Calgary. Much to the disgust of many of my male Vancouver-born or raised friends by the way, although Mr E Man always supports any Canadian team against any US team. The whole Calgary thing didn't last long though obviously... I guess I'd better switch to Montreal, although if you're a Toronto fan you're bound to disagree, right?!

    See, for an immigrant, I know my hockey!

  9. I'm a little confused as to how this turned into a post about my hair. No hockey fans out there? Okham, where are you?!

    I am sorry CAE, but this thread is about my least favorite subjects (Canucks, Flames, great hockey teams not making it to the playoffs, and hair).
    Come to think of it, "I do not have a single white hair" would be a technically correct statement in my case...

  10. But dude, it's Linden.

    Montreal are out - no Canadian teams left. I need to figure out who to support now.

  11. I'm going with the Red wings....

    something to do with those awesome Swedes ;) and that they might win, it doesn't really seem so strange...

  12. We've started watching the world cup, or world championship, whatever it is, instead!


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