Monday, June 9, 2008

Best lunch EVER!

I am sooooo sick of sandwiches.

I bring home-made sandwiches on at least 3 days of each week. Usually either an everything bagel or multigrain bread with lettuce, good cheese, tomatoes and sometimes Branston Pickle (depending on the type of cheese).

This week I decided that I definitely need a change. In the absence of any yummy and envy-inspiring leftovers, I went to the local supermarket for supplies and made a fabulous lunch out of sesame rye Ryvitas with spicy chipotle hummus and an avocado.

Plus I have nectarines and a pecan maple pastry for later!

Mmmmm. Time to go and buy some milk so I can make a cup of tea to go with the pastry. (Did I say later? I meant RIGHT NOW. Mmmmmmm).

So happy now. I am really, really easy to please.


  1. there's nothing quite like a change of habits, eh?

  2. Oh, dude, that pecan maple pastry sound SO GOOD!

  3. Yeah, and this one was a really good one to break! Maybe I'll have the same tomorrow, or maybe I'll make something completely new.

    Arduous, you have no idea... well worth the stickiness!

  4. Stop it! You're making me hungry! :-)

  5. Yeah, me too actually!

    I was on a roll that day. Check out the comments on this post for what I made for dinner...

    Mr E Man liked it, but said it would be better as a side dish for a steak than for an actual meal!!


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