Tuesday, June 24, 2008

RBO my lunch break

I just left my desk for 10 minutes to get some cash, a coffee (decaf), and a snack. It was quite eventful:
  • There's a couple having a very public (read: loud) argument / break up at one of the cafe's outside tables. There is yelling and crying going on.
  • If I felt like it, I could apparently join a rosary / prayer session in the conference room on Friday's lunch break. I probably won't feel like it though.
  • The ATM asked me if I wanted to add $2.99 to my withdrawal amount and print a coupon for a coffee and muffin at the Second Cup chain of coffee shops. Um, no, mainly because there are at least 30 coffee shops around here that are closer than the nearest Second Cup. And what if I get there and there are only bran muffins left and I want a cookie instead? Not a bad marketing idea though.
  • The "parmesan, garlic and herb pita chips" in the vending machine are tasty, but only earned their green "healthy choice" sticker because there are, like, 5 of them in the bag. Rip off.
  • It's warm outside. I am confused.

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