Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Touching the void

Do you ever feel like you're just sending emails and leaving voicemails in a great big empty void?

I've spent all week trying to contact four people (separately, but on the same very important and time-sensitive issue), with no response.

I just emailed my gmail account from my work account, to rule out some weird server error, and everything is working as it should be. So WHERE ARE MY REPLIES??!!

Maybe next time I will try snail mail instead. Guess which snail I'd probably get though.

p.s. My new email alert "pinged" while I was proofing this, but it was just this week's Nature table of contents.


  1. I wonder about that at times. Eventually, I get a reply. But it's usually a day late and a dollar short.

  2. Quite. One person just replied, saying she doesn't know the answer to my question, but she's copied yet another person on the email. Maybe he will have an answer for me.

  3. hm, let's just say applying for jobs is kind of like that... and submitting an article... you pour your heart out and really try to work it out, send it off and then... nothing....

    I wish you luck and that you get replies soon!!

    I've started to think that no reply early on the article might mean that they won't totally reject it.

    Job wise, not so much (sorry for being grumpy - it's just a little hard everyonce in awhile, especially at night)

  4. Ugh...that's so frustrating. I don't know if this will help you, but cc'ing my powerful bigwig boss when I send out emails almost always results in my getting a prompt (and courteous!) reply.

  5. My internet connection is all messed up and I've already lost this comment twice - let's hope it's third time lucky!

    Chall, good luck to you too! I agree about the journal - my boss just got a paper accepted with really minor revisions after not hearing anything for months and hassling the editor twice. As for the job... well, it took me months to hear back after my interview for my last job, which maybe should have told me something about the company! That's all I'm gonna say...

    Mad Hatter, you're probably right, I should start doing that again. I don't like to, because I had enough of it at my old company - everyone would copy everyone else on their emails, just to cover their own back, and we were all drowning in email all the time. But maybe it's time to start using that tactic again!

    BTW the 5th person, who was copied on the email I mentioned, has come through with the right form. But I need one of the three people I still haven't heard from to sign it for me. It may be time to start ambushing people outside their offices.


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