Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Gratuitous Kitty Post

No, not this kitty post. Although this one is good too. And it matches the decor, such as it is.

Double decker krazy kitties

Saba (left) has grown nicely in the few months we've had her, and looks like a real grown up cat now.
Jungle cats

Google, on the other hand, has a wee bit of a belly, but hasn't really grown much in other directions and is noticeably smaller than her sister. Her head is particularly small, which might explain why she is such a ditz. Her face still looks very kittenish too.

I was a bit worried that Saba was bullying Google at feeding time, but I've watched them eat together and there doesn't seem to be any overt competition for food. Google seems to eat and drink enough, so I'm going to try not to worry too much about our dumb little pinhead cat.

Personality-wise, they seem to have switched roles! Google is still the more mischievous of the two, but Saba is dominant in terms of taking the favoured spots on the top of the scratching post and on the back of the sofa. Maybe it's just because she's bigger now. They seem to take it in turns chasing and wrestling each other, although Google instigates a little more often and usually gets her ass kicked. Having said that, I have seen Google deliberately push Saba off the sofa, and off a windowsill, so she's no doormat! They spend a lot of time cuddling and licking each others' ears too.

We've been letting them outside recently, under supervision (we're worried about the main road and local wildlife, i.e. raccoons, coyotes and skunks). Saba caught a mouse next to the compost bin on Sunday - but let it get away after she dropped it. It got a fright and a good sucking though.

The position of Favourite Kitty is still up for grabs, so here's a handy comparison table:


  1. Favorite kitty? Do you have to choose? I thought it would be more like my parents said: "equal but different". Do you think they were just trying to make me feel better?

    Love the scratching post. Is that homemade? Very cool!

  2. They are very different... I tend to favour whichever one is with me at any given time!

    The post was bought, but I did modify it by tying a shoelace to the dangly thing. They love the lace!

  3. Seriously, that is the most awesome cat compare and contrast that I have seen in a while...maybe ever. My guy and I have 4 cats and people always give us strange looks when they ask us the cats names. We say (obviously not at the same time): well...there is Shibba Dibba, but we also call her Shibba or Dibba or Dibba Dabba, or Dibba dabba do. We usually stop there unless we know the person to which we are speaking really "gets" cats and their owners. We don't even get into the fact that Shibba Dibba has a middle name. :)

  4. Ooh please tell me the middle name! And all the other cats' names!

    Our friends have a dog named Maggie, aka Maggie-Scoops, Scoops, Scooparama, Scoopalicious, etc.

  5. Scoopalicious - that just roles right off the tongue.
    The cats' names are Furio, Sifo Dias, Lama Su (the last two are names of Star Wars characters) and Shibba Dibba Shoeshine.
    My roommate in college adopted a cat at the same time and place that I adopted SD. Her cat is Zibba Zabba Shoeshine, but she responds to Monkey. I don't remember why or how we decided on Shoeshine.

  6. Shibba Dibba Shoeshine might just be the best cat name ever.

  7. Thank you very much!! I like it too. Would you mind if I added you to my blog roll?

  8. Not at all! Thank you! I'll be updating mine soon and will include you if that's OK!


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