Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Canada Day!

In truly appropriate fashion, I am spending today finalising and signing my citizenship application. I will blog about the whole immigration process AFTER I get the certificate and passport...

Here's the photo that will forever be associated with my Canadian citizenship. NB you are expressly forbidden to smile in these photos:

Oof. Oh well, these photos always suck, right? And at least it's better than the one on my permanent resident card:

Do you think they'll believe that this is the same person?

(I have a really bad lazy habit of postponing my hair cuts for months and months until my hair is so long I'm heartily sick of it, then getting it cut short and starting the process all over again. Luckily curly hair is quite forgiving of this process. The problem with this last cut (three weeks ago) was that my usual stylist wasn't available, so I saw someone else. I showed her how short I wanted it (about 2 inches longer than it is in the photo), but she clearly wasn't aware that with curly hair you have to cut the wet stuff about 2 inches longer than you actually want it - it bounces back up as it dries. Instead she cut the wet stuff to where I wanted the dry hair to be, and it bounced up to that attractive position in the photo.

Ah well, it grows fast and already looks better than it did three weeks ago...)

A happy (and early) 4th of July to my American readers! I'll be camping / undergoing internet withdrawal cold turkey on the day. Have fun, y'all.


  1. Oh my god!! I do the same exact thing with my hair!! My hair was pretty short a year ago, and I've been super lazy and haven't bothered to cut it for a year, so now it's very long. I'm going to wait until I have about 10 inches to cut off and then donate to Locks of Love.

  2. Yet another CAE/Arduous hair twin moment!!!

    Doesn't it feel great when you see all that hair on the salon floor? I've never thought of donating mine, but if I let it get really long again I might. The second photo is about as long as I've ever had my hair - I had to have it long for the wedding up-do. I usually get about 6 months worth cut off at a time.

  3. Someone is fishing for compliments... but I see what you are saying, my hair looks much more even in my own mug shots...

  4. I wished a Canadian "Happy Canada Day!" today, and his reply was "Oh, is it? I didn't know!".

    On hair, I haven't had mine cut for about 15 years, and it's barely down to shoulder length. Alas, I am thus unable to join this club.

  5. Thanks Crystal! When was your last eye exam?

    Okham, if I was to fish for compliments I would use different photos! See Facebook for examples, all of which are better than these.

    Bob, that's bizarre! Everyone here seems to be aware of the day, given the number of maple leaf flags flying from gardens and cars.

    And maybe you could try hair extensions?

  6. Okham, if I was to fish for compliments I would use different photos! See Facebook for examples, all of which are better than these.

    Totally fishing... :-)

  7. Happy Canada Day! And congrats on finishing the citizenship application process!

  8. Thanks Bean-Mom! It's been a long process and I can't wait for it to be over. 12-18 months to go...

    Okham, shut up, baldy! ;) Go and have a Canadian beer and some poutine and wave a flag and sing O Canada like a good Canadian instead!

  9. That's the hotness right there. oooooh!

  10. ;) I have a whole new alternative career path mapped out - international supermodel. If I send these photos out to agencies they might sign me up as the "before" pic anyway.

  11. Oh, dear god...don't get me started on the US immigration process and how an already fucked up system became even more fucked up when it got incorporated into the Dept. of Homeland Security. I can feel my blood pressure rising already.

    Congrats on finishing your application though! And Happy Canada Day!

  12. Thanks!

    It's amazing how telling people that you've just applied for citizenship brings out all their horrible immigration stories. One colleague went into a full half-hour rant about how the system won't recognise his family name (it's in the middle of his full name) and almost every document gives him a different name. He says he's thinking of changing his name by deed poll to John Smith.

    I've had an easy ride compared to most people, but there is still enough material there for a blog post once I'm in the clear!


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