Monday, June 30, 2008

And this one is for Mermaid*

The figs are coming along nicely, thank you!

Ficus carica, aka Desert King Fig Tree, aka The Scrotum Tree
Ripening plum in background

You can has figs! You will be notified when they are ready for om nom nom.

Kyrsten, same goes!

*Comments open to all!


  1. The 'scrotum tree'. Love it! How can anyone not be looking forward to the ripening fruit off that tree?

    Om nom nom......I can has baked figs!

  2. ooohh! I have a great recipe for baked figs with blue cheese and honey !

    Or is that scrotum with blue cheese *laugh*?

  3. I have a great recipe book that's all figs all the time. My favourite is halibut with baked figs, red onions, orange and oregano. I didn't have time to try too many of the recipes last summer, but I'll be experimenting this year for sure!

  4. p.s. IS, you're working today??!!

  5. Mmmmm, halibut with baked fig. I can haz recipe?

  6. You can! Om nom nom... soon.


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