Sunday, July 13, 2008

My hero

We take a break from our scheduled programme (more camping posts) to announce how wonderful Mr E Man is.

Remember how I told you that my husband likes to meet my every need?

Well, he surpassed himself this weekend.

Off he went to the mall to replace his broken phone. Back he came with a new Samsung flip phone, and a wish to demonstrate it to me. So he called my number... and a ringing noise came out of his bag. It took me a couple of seconds to interpret the look on his face, but eventually I started rummaging about to find out what was going on. And I found...

an iPhone!

Do I have the best husband in the world or what??!! Apparently he'd seen through my weeks and months of "well I don't need an iPhone" to the "but I really, really want one" that lay beneath. And it's a zero-guilt purchase for me, because it was a gift! So yes, it's bad for the environment to buy new gadgets when the old one kinda works OK, and I really shouldn't be supporting Rogers, who've handled this whole thing horribly. But I can't possibly return this lovely surprise gift without offending my husband, whom I love dearly.

Sigh. I suppose I'd better keep it.

Sorry, Okham, but when it comes to the Rogers boycott, iPhailed. I'd better leave that Facebook group you pointed me to...


  1. Sorry, Okham, but when it comes to the Rogers boycott, iPhailed. I'd better leave that Facebook group you pointed me to...

    WHAT ? You caved ???! OMG I can't believe that... whatever happened to your principles ? What about the fight for a just and equitable iPhone plan ? Do I have to do it all myself ? Huh ? Huh ? Huh ?
    Hmph... I am disappointed at you, lady...

    By the way, CAE... is it really as slick as it looks ? Have you done yet the really cool thing where you turn it horizontally and the page turns ? OMG, I have dreams about that at night...
    But no, no, no I am not caving... nope... nopety nope... yet... sniff... I so hope Mrs Okham gets it for me...

  2. I've had the ipod touch since before I left Vancouver and it is fantastic. I can't justify the phone at the moment! The page turning thing is really cool, although at the moment bloglines doesn't work too well on the Safari web browser and I'm not sure why because it used to!

    I hope Mrs Okham gets you one Okham!

  3. Wow, I want one too, and I'll get me one but I'll wait till they have slightly bigger HDs

  4. Okham, technically I didn't cave, my husband did! And I do have principles, honest, including "don't look a gift horse in the mouth" ;)

    And yes, everything you've heard is true. Get working on Mrs Okham. The trick is to say "but I don't neeeeeeed one repeatedly in a mournful voice.

    Propter, I've heard the Touch is incredibly cool too. I almost bought an iPod video last week from a friend who just upgraded to the Touch, but luckily I didn't! I think one cool iThing is enough. I didn't even have an iPod before.

    HG, yeah 8GB is not exactly huge, but I'm used to 1GB of music so this is a big step up!

  5. Get working on Mrs Okham.

    Eh... she's been telling me "stop whining and go get one already"...
    But seriously, with that data plan I can see myself broke in no time... I am hoping that Rogers at some point will offer unlimited data... two days before the iPhone hit the market they decided to upgrade their offer to a few gigs from the initial, ridiculous 400 M, but it is still not enough, at least for my intended use.

  6. My boss just showed me the cool finger-pinch text size adjustment technique. He is seriously smitten and says he will have to get one now.

    Oh, and I was browsing the available applications, and for 99 cents I can download a whole book onto the phone. Mostly classics - Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, even the Origin of Species. As much as I love paper books and have a hard time reading on screen, iDarwin might be too much of a temptation to resist.

  7. AAARRRGGGHHH .... STOP IT ! :-)

  8. Erm... it runs through its battery life really quickly (at least it did yesterday when everyone was playing with it) and it's hard to keep the screen clean. Does that help?

  9. Sigh... battery life and "oh, screen gets soooo dirty..."
    (maybe I'll post a pic of my own glasses)... is that all you got ? If so, I am off to Rogers store in a minute...

  10. You know you want to! Join the dark side!

  11. Honestly, that hubby of yours must be either a saint or have some serious connections... there were 4-hr long lines on Friday at Rogers stores and kiosks in Edmonton, and friends of ours wanting to get one yesterday have been told that they are on back order already...

  12. Hubby has been trying the mournful voice on me for awhile now. My response? Graduate and get a job, and then we will talk about it! Do you think it is going to work?

  13. Graduate and get a job, and then we will talk about it!

    Hmm... I am guessing that the line "I am extending the frontiers of human knowledge and an iPhone would help me considerably" would not go very far with you, eh ?

  14. ScienceGirl, make him work for it! How far is he from graduation?

    Okham, there were massive lineups everywhere on Friday, but Mr E Man just wandered into the Rogers store in a fairly big mall on Saturday, and they had a few phones in stock. I don't know if Vancouver got more than its fair share, or if people heard the horror stories from out East and decided to hold back, but he had no problems at all!

  15. Okham - yeah, right :)

    CAE - a couple of years. I have to admit it is tough to live within one's means with such big teases out there, but some day! [wiping off a little drool and crawling back into her hole]

  16. I know what you mean. I'm glad these things weren't out there while I was doing my PhD, although the personal CD players were quite tempting!!! The toughest part for me was seeing my friends who'd gone into medicine or accounting making all that money while I was still plugging away in the lab...


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